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More On "Jesus and job needed!", originally posted by Ruth Baker on 4/15/2019252
"T. Is again jobless due to no public transportation to where he was working for his uncle. He has no car, and therefore had no way to continue with this job. He is now again looking for employment so he doesn't loose the apartment they recently moved into. They are a family of 4. His girlfriend works two jobs, but not enough hours to cover all their bills. They both need to surrender their lives to the Lord! All seemed to be going great for them for a very short time and now they are back to where they were a year ago. Struggling to make even their rent. In Jesus name, Father, I lift T. and H. in prayer that they will follow your Spirit's leading in their lives and surrender all to you. Please direct their lives to victory. Amen"
Update posted on 5/3/2019: Please continue in prayer for T. H. and family; for salvation and for a job to provide all their needs. They need a vehicle. In Jesus name. Amen.

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