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More On "Update re Gary McMullen", originally posted by Mary on 3/25/2019229
"Thank you so much for all the faithful prayers for my son Gary. The Humira he has been injecting for almost three months is supposed to fully kick in by the end of March. Thus far, it has not made much of a difference in the severity of his ulcerative colitis. So we ask for your continued prayers for healing and that God's will be done. The options left for him are very limited should the Humira not alleviate his condition. Thanks and God bless. Mary"
Update posted on 4/15/2019: Update re Gary McMullen. Gary received both good news and bad news last week. A colonoscopy revealed that the Humira has cleared up the ulcerative colitis in his colon. Thus the bleeding that he has continued to experience is caused by something else. It is imperative that the cause be found and treatment begin soon. Please pray to that end. Thanks for all your faithful prayers and know that your prayer support is much appreciated. Mary

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