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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 01/18/2019
Give thanks that every person is made in the image of God. Celebrate the fact that every person has unique gifts and abilities that help to build God's kingdom.

Update on "M" posted on 1/18/2019
Michelle has now a diagnosis and has an appointment with a specialist Dec. 20. She is getting unexpected financial help to attend her medical appointments in another town. She is feeling better. Pray she may be able to retrain for employment. Thank you for your prayers. Praise to our God who is an awesome God. Update 01/18/2019 Michelle is starting a course of injections to help with pain management. The disease is progressive. Pray for a meeting to be arranged regarding financial income. Father, thank You for the good things that are going to happen. May we never lose sight of the fact. You are in control and care deeply about Your children. All Glory to You. Amen

Update on Minister's wife posted on 1/18/2019
Please pray for a ministers wife who has 2 young teenagers as her cancer has returned and spread. She is to have more aggressive treatment but if this does not work then she has weeks to live. Dear Father, You are the great healer but You know best what to do. Encourage and comfort her and her family May Your Name be praised for Your Mercy. Amen Update 01/18/2019 Sherri has been moved to a hospice. Her platelet count keeps dropping. All treatment has ceased. The family are strong in their faith. May they receive double portion of God's love and comfort. Lord, may we accept Your Plan. All praise to You. Amen

Update on Victoria posted on 1/18/2019
Praise God she is improving. Yesterday she had a meeting about her educational future. Pray that much was accomplished. She has another meeting on Wednesday, 23rd January, regarding her finances. Father, may she rely on You and come back fully to You. Thank you for Your care of us. May Your Name be praised. Amen

Papers to be signed. posted by Ruth Baker on 1/17/2019
Father give wisdom where needed and end this shutdown of government before something worse happens. A lot of people are living in fear right now. In Jesus name. AMEN

More On "Job and friend", originally posted on 1/8/2019:
"Please pray for C. He needs a job and his first girlfriend has just broken up with him and he is..." (more)
Update posted on 1/17/2019: C now a job but still needs prayer for loneliness. Praise God for his job and I know that God will provide a friend or girlfriend for him. Thanks for your continued prayers. God is still on the throne and in control.

Update on Marie posted on 1/16/2019
Thanks first and foremost to our Lord and Saviour for showing his mercy but a very warm thank you to those of you who have continued to pray for my friend Marie. She received a follow up scan yesterday and bloodwork, both of which showed no cancer. She will have a colonoscopy soon but they believe they got all of the cancer. Praise be to God.

Dave is getting active posted by Ruth Burk on 1/15/2019
Please pray for safety for Dave. The other morning I heard noise from his room. I found him on the floor near the door. He had slid unto the safety pad at the side of his bed and then proceeded to move, lying down, several feet away to near the door. With increased mobility and quickness of movement he thinks he can do more than he can. Improvement is good but this is certainly a new challenge. He did not hurt himself but I was unable to get him up. Firemen came, got him into his chair so I could then get him back into bed and get him up. I will buy a bed alarm so he can be caught in time before trying to get out of bed again on his own. Pray that he will understand that he should not try to do this. Thank you for your prayers,Linda

Starting to !and better choices! posted by Ruth Baker on 1/14/2019
Grandson T has been hired by His uncle again in the construction trade! He needs to stay working to support his daughter from previous relationship and his one year old son and newborn baby girl. They need to find affordable housing to supply their needs as a family. They need to learn to be responsible parents. They depend too much on T's mom who has been supporting her family of six, plus T's family of 5 for several months now. T was out of work for some time and thus they were evicted from their apartment. He disrespects his mom daily. God is needed greatly ! In Jesus name.

Cannabis, vaping and tobacco smoke posted on 1/13/2019
Second hand smoke where I live in BC, has become a very real problem. As a result of this ongoing problem, owners of 101, 201 and 202(upstairs) have signed petitions with to ban smoking of marijuana and tobacco in multi-unit housing. We are victims with no way to control how much the two women in 102 force second hand smoke on us, because we share thin walls, ceilings, , stairwells and vents. Also when windows are open unwanted smoke enters.

Update on EM's three daughters posted on 1/13/2019
Thanks very much for praying. The two little children have recovered from the Flu but another little girl in the same city, Saskatoon, died. His partner ,R has lost trust in E and she spends much time on Facebook. The 7 year old is with her grandmother, E’s mother. He is my grandson. Though rejected by the girl's mother, he is in the home often anyway preparing food. He is a good cook. I am praying for them to find and enjoy a church in Saskatoon where all will be happy and nurtured.

Please pray with me posted on 1/12/2019
My friend is soon to be 73 and is a woman with an intellectual disability and an anxiety disorder. Her closest family live out of province. Several weeks ago, a series of steps began to change her medication, and this has thrown everything off balance for her (literally and figuratively). She is now able to walk easily again, but remains very confused and it is questionable if she is safe living independently with support coming in several times daily. Church is her happiest place. Please pray that her medications will work in her body and mind to reduce her confusion, that her usually remarkable memory will return, and that J remains safe and content.

More On "Prayers for Healing", originally posted by Lori Ciccanti on 1/5/2019:
"Please continue to pray for my husband Lou. His next CT scan is this Monday, Jan. 7th. We had some..." (more)
Update posted on 1/11/2019: My husband’s scan showed the lung nodules are stable but the mass in his kidney has increased in size. A smaller nodule on his adrenal gland has also grown since the last scan. The oncologist is changing his treatment to a newer medication with potentially less side-effects. He also suggested having the kidney mass zapped or burned but first we have to wait until the tumor shrinks before they are able to do the procedure. Please continue to pray that this new treatment plan will be safe and successful. With Much appreciation, Lori

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