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Worldwide Ministry posted on 10/24/202048
In Europe — Pray for health and spiritual awakening of L., N., E. and the other attendees from the outreach clubs that are run here in Eastern Europe. Pray for protection from mockers, militia and infidels.

186 1. More On "update on MH", originally posted on 10/12/2020
More On "update on MH", originally posted on 8/28/2020. As the date of their moving draws... (more)
Update posted on 10/23/2020: After several interviews, no apartment was found. They have another interview on Saturday and Father we ask for your mercy in this situation. To You will all Praise and Glory be Amen.

49 2. My Daughter posted by Ruth Burk on 10/23/2020
Please continue to pray for my daughter Trish. She communicates seldom, but did respond with a brief 'thank you' for an online birthday card I sent to her. Concussion recouperation is not fast and it is not easy. Please pray that she will be able to function during these Covid days. A few months back she mentioned being concerned about meeting anyone on the street. Give her peace, I pray, dear Lord.

1281 3. More On "Prayers for Dave and family", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 4/27/2020
Dave and I are doing well. We are still adjusting to no outpatient groups and no physio for Dave.... (more)
Update posted on 10/23/2020: Dave seems to be improving as his headaches are not as bad and he is able to walk better on the nustep machine. Rachel is home for a visit and then looking for work where she lives; Jon has found a good job, but needs to find winter parking near the apartment. Linda takes care of all as well as the conversation ministry with international students, which is going well. Thank you for your prayers.

196 4. More On "My Daughter", originally posted on 10/11/2020
Please pray for mu daughter: That she will return to the Lord wholeheartedly; that she will be... (more)
Update posted on 10/21/2020: I feel there is a real spiritual battle going on. My daughter is bombarded by new age teaching, half truth half lies, BLM, LGBTQ, etc. BUT I know that she is searching for truth. Pray: that she will open her eyes and heart to Jesus and to truth from the Lord: that she will really feel the unfathomable and immeasurable love of God; that godly friends will come into her life. We need the peace of God in our home. May God's kingdom come always in our home and especially in Alison's life.

237 5. More On "Healing from knee surgery", originally posted on 10/9/2020
Please pray for a dear friend who is still hospitalized following knee surgery she is not able to... (more)
Update posted on 10/20/2020: Thank you for praying for my friend who is hospitalized following knee surgery. She improved a bit after medication was changed but is back on drugs for recurring pneumonia. She also has blood clots in her lungs. She has trouble swallowing so all food is puréed. Pray God will do a healing miracle in her life.

366 6. More On "Alcoholism", originally posted on 9/28/2020
Please pray for my son who is struggling with a drinking problem. Help him to realize that he has a... (more)
Update posted on 10/19/2020: Thanks for the prayers received. I feel God is working on this, so please keep praying for my son.

116 7. God's Healing posted on 10/18/2020
Please pray for healing of the relationship between my ex- husband and our son. Pray for my son's house to be sold soon. Pray also for the healing of our nation and that people would turn their hearts back to God. Thank you

221 8. More On "Michelle", originally posted on 10/14/2020
Would you please pray for the Lord's direction, will and courage for me? It will take too long... (more)
Update posted on 10/18/2020: Praise the Lord and rejoice with me! He enabled me to carry out that which I feared to do! May the Lord bless the results to His glory, and the healing of all involved. Thank you all for praying, the Lord bless you!

2372 9. More On "Prayers please", originally posted on 11/15/2019
I will be seeing a Neurologist next week for some health issues that I have been having. I would... (more)
Update posted on 10/17/2020: I saw the Immunologist and the test results were explained. She now wants me to see a Pulmonologist. The soonest that they could get me in to that specialist is the end of January. I continue to be in constant pain and am trying to be patient and hopeful for a good outcome to all of this. I believe God has a plan and through His grace I will learn patience and eventually find an answer. Your prayers through this medical journey are appreciated and give me strength. Thank you.

113 10. House Sale for Me, plus USA elections posted on 10/17/2020
Please pray that my house sells currently, contingent upon the buyer’s houses selling!!! Their offer came in August after I had it on market for a year. Now it is yet again delayed at their end. But whatever the Lord’s plan is, I’ll keep trying to trust. I also think we need to hold up this upcoming USA election to God, crying out for our precious neighbors.

130 11. update on Katie posted on 10/12/2020
Originally posted 25/06/2020. Praise God. Katie has been in contact with her parents on several occasions. Her parents are moving and there are boxes belonging to Katie still at home. She says That she will come either Wednesday, 1st July or Saturday 4th. This will be the first time in her presence for 6 years. Heavenly Father, grant the meeting will take place and much good will come out of it. She is still fragile in her mental state so please Lord, guide the parents to do the right things. To you be all Glory and Praise Amen. Update posted 10/12/2020. Give thanks Katie was in contact with her parents. Please Father grant she may soon want a face to face meeting To You be all thanks Glory and Praise. Amen

516 12. More On "Good News Awaited", originally posted on 8/29/2020
Pray for PS that test results will show all cancer was removed during surgery; that it did not... (more)
Update posted on 10/8/2020: Radiation is required. Please pray for wisdom for all involved in making the decisions as to the particulars and for a successful conclusion to the therapy with minimum side effects along the way. Thank you!

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