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Worldwide Ministry posted on 10/20/201922
As the effects of conflict continue to weaken Yemen, pray for the 16 million people facing severe hunger and for Presbyterian and other Christian partners meeting urgent food needs. Pray that these people would see the love of Jesus in the provision of aid and in the providers.

My eldest Daughter needs your prayers posted on 10/19/201939
My Daughter "J" needs your prayers desperately. She is being pressured to separate from her husband but she still loves him despite his addiction. He was doing much better but while she was away for a couple of days on business he started drinking again. She wants to give him another chance by going to AA. Yesterday she broke down and said she can't handle anything else. Please God, help my daughter before it's too late. Amen.

Deliverance from witches posted by alice maud on 10/16/201980
There is spiritual war fare being waged against my grand daughter kf. Pray for deliverance from all Satanic bondages in the name of Jesus. God bless you.

Cancer returned posted by Ruth Burk on 10/14/201996
RMM's cancer has returned. She had esophageal cancer surgery 3 years ago. A CT scan 2 weeks ago, showed cancer in two places in her bones (left thigh and thoracic spine T9) and liver. The doctors are very encouraging that it can be beaten as they caught it early. She starts today with a liver biopsy.

Healing for. O. posted by Ruth Baker on 10/13/201980
Father, O is soon to find out the results of his lung biopsy. May the report bring good news and that he be free from cancer for all time. In Jesus name Amen

Ms. posted by Vida Schmidt on 10/12/201972
Please pray for safe travelling for my daughter and family ( husband and 3 very young children) as they travel great distances by car this coming week in very short timelines. Also pray that they would support oldest son 'S' by giving at least as many positive comments per day as negative 'S' is 5 and has recently been diagnosed with gross and fine motor skill issues, which is deeply disappointing in their sports crazy family.

Dave is improving; thanks for your prayers. posted by Ruth Burk on 10/12/201968
Thank you, Lord. Dave's headaches are not as bad and he is moving his right leg better during therapy. Pray that the neurologist comes up with ways to deal with the headaches and for increased mobility. Praise God for our 39 conversation partners who meet with 48 international students regularly, and for the opportunities to share Christ's love and message of faith through the English program. More partners are needed. Thank you for your ongoing prayers.

More On "Pray for successful surgery", originally posted by Anita McLennan on 8/1/2019555
"Please pray for my friend B who is to undergo surgery to remove a cancerous growth on her colon...." (more)
Update posted on 10/12/2019: Thanks be to God, Barb had good news about the colon surgery. The scan showed no cancer at the moment as the surgeon says that he got it all. She still needs the MRI to check on the cloudy spot on her liver. That will happen in November. Please pray it is nothing to worry about. Thank you.

More On "Update", originally posted by Lori Ciccanti on 9/30/2019205
"Lou's next scan is this Tuesday, October 1st. We are asking prayer for a better report this..." (more)
Update posted on 10/11/2019: Lou is going to start immunotherapy on Oct. 24th as the chemo medication doesn’t seem to be working as well we hoped. We’ve been that told many patients have had a good response to this type of therapy; however, there’s still a risk of various side-effects – some more severe than others. Please pray whenever the Lord puts it on your heart that the monthly treatments will be safe and effective. This ministry has been a source of comfort and blessing to us throughout the eight years of our cancer journey. Many thanks to all. In His Love, Lori

Medical posted on 10/10/2019100
Pray for healing for brother who is going through chemo treatments for lung cancer, and pray that he won't have too much discomfort from treatments. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayers for healing posted by Orlanda Drebit on 10/9/201999
Please pray for R who is having vision problems due to optic pressure in one eye. Surgery is scheduled for Nov 5. Please pray for peace for R, for guidance for the surgeons, and complete healing from God, our father.

reconciliation posted on 10/8/201982
My friend "Hab" is sad and anxious about breakdowns within the family, and has drawn away from me and our church group. Ask God to grant "Hab" the wisdom and means to deal with the family problems, and peace in all aspect of living.

Help for my mother posted on 10/7/201988
My sisters and I help to take care of my 97 year old mother who needs someone with her day and night. One sister has refused to help any more, making it very difficult for the rest of us. Please pray for us to find a way to get more help for our mother and that the Holy Spirit touches our sister's heart and she will reconsider her decision.

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