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Pray Worldwide Ministry posted on 5/18/202180
In the Americas — With more Muslims coming to Christ than ever before, it is crucial that discipleship become a central focus of ministries across the Muslim world. Please pray for the many new believers of Muslim backgrounds, who are facing daunting and often overwhelming challenges, to be strong in the Lord in His might, to be filled with His love and wisdom and to become Spirit-led disciplers. They find encouragement knowing you are praying for them as they have few who are.

Pray 4067 1. More On "My son healing", originally posted on 6/20/2020
Pray for my son, Calvin, that he will come out of his depression.
Update posted on 5/18/2021: Things continue to go well. Working has made a huge difference. There have been a few snags along the way, but overall things are good. Thursday we have a meeting that worries me. Please pray for us specifically Thursday morning. And pray for me as well as my son. I am finding that I have reached my breaking point. I am praying for the strength to go on and to bring back my positive attitude.

Pray 102 2. Need prayers for health, hoping for weight loss posted on 5/16/2021
Prayer for me to a have permanent weight loss. I've been gaining a lot of weight and doctor says that it is getting very unhealthy. I tried very hard to go on a diet but it seems like nothing is working. Pray that God will grant a miracle in my life for weight loss.

Pray 762 3. More On "Reverend", originally posted on 2/27/2021
Please pray for the state of Pennsylvania to use the fair funding formula to distribute money to... (more)
Update posted on 5/15/2021: We are making progress in lifting awareness of how fair funding benefits all students and all communities. Thank you for prayers embracing equality and justice for all of God’s children. We know that love will prevail. May God continue to richly bless you in prayer.

Pray 965 4. More On "Reverend", originally posted by Austin Chinault on 2/27/2021
My good friend and fellow church worker needs a stem cell transplant. Prayers for healing and for... (more)
Update posted on 5/15/2021: My friend has experienced a miraculously successful stem cell transplant. He is feeling better and his blood count is recovering in record time. He has been released from the hospital in only a week after the transplant! He has been able to communicate with the donor of his new stem cells and she is also thrilled, praying for his health and happy to be a part of God’s healing love. This is a most spiritual experience for some very faithful disciples of Christ. Thank you for many prayers. Thanks be to God.

Pray 105 5. Estranged from my daughter posted on 5/15/2021
I have been estranged from my daughter in her 30s since last October. She has finally contacted me. There is still deep distrust between us. I forgive her persistently hurtful behaviour but have told her I want someone else to be there to discuss the difficulties between us because I don't feel emotionally safe. I don't know if she will accept this. I am praying for her salvation and for the LORD to change her mind and heart. She sometimes acts in hurtful ways toward others as well. I tried my best to raise her as a Christian but she rejects the Gospel and is an athiest. I am heartbroken.

Pray 114 6. Prayers for guidance and direction posted by Bob Henderson on 5/14/2021
Pray that God will guide in this situation and for the future. Pray for guidance and direction.

Pray 481 7. More On "Jane", originally posted on 4/15/2021
Please pray for Jane who is suffering severe pain in her joints which has been undiagnosed so far.... (more)
Update posted on 5/14/2021: Jane is continuing to recover thankfully. She still has some pain but is doing so much better. The stress of having her son Michael going downhill with his ALS weighs heavily on her. She feels God is sustaining her but it is still a very large burden for her and affects her health. She is grateful for all your prayers.

Pray 807 8. More On "Please pray for Dougald", originally posted by Darl on 2/17/2021
My dad recovered well from his surgery but now his cancer has spread and he had some setbacks... (more)
Update posted on 5/14/2021: My dad is doing some better and he even was able to receive his vaccine yesterday. His next treatment is June 3rd. After this, he will have a scan to see if the treatments helped slow the cancer and his specialist will decide whether to continue or not. We are praying for good news. God bless you for all your prayers, they have really lifted us up!

Pray 512 9. More On "Reaching out for prayer", originally posted by Mary Elyn Carroll on 3/21/2021
Pray for my friend Sonny, who recently had open heart surgery. Grant courage and faith to Sonny, to... (more)
Update posted on 5/13/2021: Sonny is doing well. Bless everyone who prayed for him.

Pray 140 10. Praise and Prayers posted by Lori Ciccanti on 5/12/2021
Just want to let everyone know that Lou continues to do well with his cancer treatments and a recent scan showed that everything is stable. Some of the nodules on his lung actually got smaller; all glory to God! Please keep me in prayer too as I’ve been having episodes of Tachycardia and my E.K.G. was abnormal. My doctor ordered some tests so pray that it’s nothing serious. Also, praise God Lou and I are looking forward to the birth of our grandson in a few weeks! Prayers would be appreciated for our daughter-in- law, Annie to have a healthy baby and safe delivery. Thank you and God bless you all.

Pray 413 11. More On "A young Presbyterian preacher with cancer", originally posted on 4/20/2021
Please pray for complete healing of a young woman who is a preacher, wife and mother of young... (more)
Update posted on 5/12/2021: Please keep praying for this young minister, wife and mother. Her body is not tolerating the chemo treatments well. She requires daily infusions and some days cannot get out of bed at all. She needs every prayer possible.

Pray 318 12. More On "OAD", originally posted by Orlanda Drebit on 4/18/2021
Please pray for the Smith family. Pray for W who is having numerous heart and balance issues and... (more)
Update posted on 5/12/2021: Please pray that W may receive the diagnostic tests required to discover what is causing his symptoms. Father, you can move mountains, so you can surely remove roadblocks in the Health Care system.

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