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The Collection

March 18, 2012

This collection was certainly unplanned. Way back when, my brother and I gave grandma a ceramic chicken cookie jar. After she passed away, it became the property of my parents, who then gave it to me. Our children always checked … (read more)

The Unexpected

March 1, 2012

Growing up in a family where grandpa, dad, and some uncles were carpenters, I was used to tools. My brother and I helped clean and oil things and get them ready for the cold winter in the tool shed. Watching … (read more)

The Hanging

May 27, 2011

Recently in church, my eyes were drawn to a wall hanging about Christ's crucifixion, made by some of the talented quilters in our congregation. The ladies tell me that they were not aware of the symbolism while it was in … (read more)

What's In A Name?

October 29, 2009

Colleen lives on the side of a mountain. When her children were both home, they begged for a pet. She reminded them that there was no one home all day. One spring, a kitten appeared at the door. She fed … (read more)

Where Am I Going?

October 21, 2009

Last year, my son and I flew to a wedding in the United States. We are both living in the northern part of different provinces in Canada. We met in the airport in Calgary, Alberta, and proceeded from there. Upon … (read more)

Let's Eat

April 24, 2009

In this record of Jesus feeding the crowd, several things come to mind. First of all, if one little boy had the five loaves and two fish, his basket must have been boy-sized. Needing to have enough for fifty in … (read more)

The License Plate

November 10, 2008

Some years ago, I got a "new to me" car; actually, it had so few miles that it was still new and shiny. In our province, we keep the same license plates and move them to each new vehicle. I'd … (read more)

Never Judge

October 28, 2008

Some years ago, a co-worker and her daughter were having lunch with me at a coffee shop. We were discussing Christmas preparations. This would be my first Christmas in the empty nest, and I was finding it hard to get … (read more)


October 14, 2008

Some years ago, one of my children sent me a cassette tape with a sermon he was sure I would appreciate. The sermon was good and appropriate for the time it was sent, but my favourite part was a song. … (read more)

A Varied Mother's Day

May 10, 2008

It was Mother's Day, and my son was in first grade. He was very upset because his dad was away on a trip and it was Mother's Day. He said, "What good is Mother's Day if I can't buy you … (read more)

The Whole Trip

April 14, 2008

Jeramie, my three-year-old grandson, watched as my teenaged daughter, at the end of a summer's babysitting for my son and his family, helped load the car. My parents had come along with me to Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, to pick … (read more)

Never Boring

October 28, 2007

Have you ever thought of the same old Bible stories as boring, since you've read them so often? Amazingly, after years of reading, I noticed two things in a recent reading about Jesus stilling the storm. The Bible tells it … (read more)


September 2, 2007

Several years ago, I was in the city hospital, far from home. My family were far away, too, and those who came to visit could only spare a day, because of travel time. One day, I heard a nurse ask … (read more)

A Matter Of Honour

May 15, 2007

Yorkie pups are so cute, but they must be trained not to bark at every moving thing. My daughter finally had the dogs trained not to bark when her husband came home in the night. The cockatoo couldn't stand that, … (read more)

The Wiper

March 13, 2007

Have you ever noticed how older people love to go for a drive? My parents could hear car keys jingle like a child hears the ice-cream truck. So it seemed natural for his 90th birthday to take Dad for a … (read more)


March 10, 2007

Today, I got an e-mail with beautiful pictures of ice sculptures. Earlier, I had one of sand sculptures, equally beautiful. Neither type is long-lasting and many people would wonder why one would spend time making such fleeting things. I could … (read more)


January 4, 2007

My friend, Nomie, told me about her children. They were sixteen months apart, Lori being the older. One day, Lori's little brother was annoying her. When she complained to her mother, Nomie advised her, "Just ignore him." Later, when she … (read more)

The Pine Beetle

August 31, 2006

It has been almost two years since I drove home through the mountain pass. In early September, the changing leaves were glorious. One mountain had colours so evenly divided with deep green, gold, lighter green, and orange, it appeared to … (read more)


August 28, 2006

When the children were at home, our garden was always monster-sized. Their help was needed to keep it up. On hot summer days when they helped me weed, I drove them to the man-made lake at the edge of town … (read more)

My Time And Yours

August 23, 2006

Being late and holding people up are common occurrences. It can be very frustrating for the one left waiting. One of my childhood Sunday School teachers put a new slant on it. She said, "God has given each one of … (read more)

Feeling Useless

August 20, 2006

The Bible tells us not to discourage the young in their attempts at learning or doing things. We also need to see how excluded some older folk often feel. They are still necessary and are our greatest teachers. Twice a … (read more)

Being Poor

August 17, 2006

Many relatives don't see each other for years on end. My maternal grandparents lived in the province of Manitoba, Canada, while we were two provinces away in Alberta. We did write letters on occasion, but I never really knew them. … (read more)

Choppers And Cherries

March 31, 2006

Cherries are one of the sweetest of fruits. They are not as easy to grow as one would suspect. When one of my children moved to a fruit-growing area in southern British Columbia, Canada, we were thrilled to have her … (read more)

Many Voices

March 28, 2006

Driving through strange cities usually keeps me on edge, since I have a poor sense of direction. Coming home through Quesnel, a small city in central British Columbia, Canada, I was watching for the familiar turn. A very clear voice … (read more)


March 26, 2006

Colleen was past two years old and just didn't talk. We were beginning to worry, although she could say the usual "Mamma", "Daddy", etc. We had been to visit grandparents three hours away. Coming home through the dusk, we rounded … (read more)

The Perfect Gift

December 14, 2005

Gift giving is a favourite pastime at our house, and at Christmas, most of all. We enjoy choosing something appropriate and wrapping it with beautiful paper and ribbons. It is so much fun to change the appearance with an odd-shaped … (read more)

Nice People

November 21, 2005

Recently, I went on a trip to another city and looked forward to visiting an older couple I've known for a long time. They are the nicest people and don't feel they need God. We human beings prefer to do … (read more)


November 9, 2005

Retiring must be hardest for those who have given their lives to serving others. Dad had a heart condition and was forced to retire from the ministry. He had been a carpenter as well. He had carpentry tools and the … (read more)

Pretty Or Practical

October 21, 2005

Years of sewing left me with a wealth of scraps. Quilting sounded like a good idea, and the first one completed went to one of my children. He has been going through a challenging time lately; thus I called it … (read more)

Letting Go

August 28, 2005

A pair of brand-name jogging shoes hung laced together over the telephone wire at a busy intersection by the lake. All summer long, traffic was non-stop every day until late at night. Finally, the first weekend of September was over, … (read more)

Wagons Away

July 18, 2005

While in a local farm supply store, I noticed a brightly painted wagon. Wagons and "dad-made" wooden scooters were an integral part of my childhood. Both could be used as a means of transport. We had a wagon with a … (read more)

The Mousetrap

July 13, 2005

One of my worst faults is "assuming". How easy it is, when one thinks one has all the facts. What I need is discernment, which God can give. There was a wonderful hardware store in the place where I lived … (read more)

A New Body

May 17, 2005

Dolly just got loved to shreds. She had belonged to my daughter, and now her daughter loved her, but alas, she was falling apart. It was time for Grandma to put a new body on her, so she came for … (read more)


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