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The Year Of Sabbath Preparation

May 7, 2006

Imagine a negotiation between labour and management. The final touches are being put to the agreement, but there is still a sticking point — and the whole agreement may collapse unless it can be resolved. The issue? Time off. The … (read more)

Something Beautiful For God

July 26, 2003

What a mess of mismatched morsels! In front of her was food of every description brought to Evangel Hall (an inner city mission in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) all to provide a little something to satisfy the hunger of those who … (read more)

Get Cracking!

January 26, 2003

A sledgehammer? I'm holding a sledgehammer and tearing down a wall! This isn't what I thought when I heard the words "inner city mission", but here I am with crowbar, hammer, and helmet. Evergreen Mission to street kids is expanding, … (read more)

The Visit

January 19, 2003

We came to visit. This was little more than a boarding house and our Youth in Mission team was trying to offer a little variety to a summer's afternoon, a little variation to the tedium of the tenement house. The … (read more)

We're Stuck

January 13, 2003

Anyone over 40 knows how maddening it is to put on a favourite vinyl record and have it stick. "Tell me the old, old story… tell me the old, old story… tell me the old, old story… tell me the … (read more)

Living Alone

September 8, 2002

I never thought of myself as a person "living alone". I just happen to be living by myself for the first time in nearly three decades. But others saw my life differently and responded in wonderful and affirming ways. I … (read more)

Reaching For Home

May 17, 2002

It's been a tiring and gruelling day. I've been on my feet and on the road since before the first light of day, and it is now late at night. I just want to catch that last bus and go … (read more)

Being Present

April 29, 2002

Every Tuesday, I spend five hours sitting outside in the shade of the Better Hope Church, before going out into the community to visit church members. We advertise my presence in the church building as widely as possible. Better Hope … (read more)

I Love My Communion

April 26, 2002

Auntie Doris moved back to the East Coast Demerara, Guyana. She has no family, no close friends, and, until recently, has had no place to live. But she is a wonderful, gentle, caring octogenarian, now 82 years of age. Her … (read more)


April 21, 2002

I know this father. He invited me to his home. We ate and talked and shared our loves and concerns. He asked me to accompany him to his son's bedroom. "My son is very ill. He is suffering from OCD … (read more)

Just Gaffing

April 11, 2002

I was visiting Sister Esther a while ago, and, in the conversation, I asked her how the day had gone for her daughter Annie who had just turned 23. Birthdays are a big thing here in Guyana. Esther smiled, and … (read more)

The Old Woman

March 15, 2002

I'm at Woodlands hospital — again. I was here yesterday to have some tests done so that I could stay in this beautiful country of Guyana. The first two at the lab went fine and I paid the money necessary, … (read more)

Where Can We Find Andy?

February 23, 2002

Andy decided to adopt me. I don't know if he was told to look out for the new Canadian living in the Vreed en Hoop Parish manse, but that is what he was doing. What can I say about Andy? … (read more)

His Name Is Rohan

February 22, 2002

Let me tell you a tale about a modern-day Timothy who taught me the meaning of mission one hot Friday. His name is Rohan, and he is a member of the Leonora Presbyterian Church. He is studying electrical engineering and … (read more)

To The Unknown God

February 21, 2002

I walk the long road in the heat of the day from the Stalling (boat landing) to the Vreed en Hoop Presbyterian Manse that I call home. It is an amazing journey through temples, shrines, mosques, tabernacles, churches, meeting halls, … (read more)

Love What You Do – Do What You Love

February 20, 2002

The minibus careened around the corner, narrowly missing the horse and cart, and then drove bumper to bumper with the bus ahead. All this took place at about 100 kilometres per hour through crowded city streets in Georgetown, Guyana. I … (read more)

Do Not Judge By Appearances

February 19, 2002

I arrived home tired, still sick, and ready for rest and relaxation. But I forgot that I had to bring in my sheets, so out into the dark I went. On my way back, something clacked and ran across my … (read more)

Her Name Is Marissa

January 10, 2002

I met her quite by chance, or maybe not. I'm walking down Church Street in a blistering noontime heat in Georgetown, Guyana. Passing a vendor's stall that appears quite empty, I suddenly hear a faint voice, but I can't tell … (read more)

Preparing For God's Future #7

January 6, 2001

This is how we prepare for God's future. Celebrations for the millennium and the 125th anniversary of the Presbyterian Church will fade in time and memory. The Jubilee still stands before us as one of the crucial efforts and endeavours … (read more)

Preparing For God's Future #6

January 5, 2001

This is how we prepare for God's future. The prophet would have us consider God's will for the world and for the church as we embrace a new year dawning. "'For surely I know the plans I have for you', … (read more)

Preparing For God's Future #5

January 4, 2001

Our gospel passage echoes the same words as the passage in Samuel: "And Jesus increased in wisdom and in years, and in divine and human favour." God is the one who prepares for the future. From the beginning of time, … (read more)

Preparing For God's Future #4

January 3, 2001

Samuel is a child of promise. His mother Hannah's prayer may be found at the end of chapter 1 and the beginning of chapter 2, and explains why this simple story is told. Chapter 1 ends with Hannah saying: "For … (read more)

Preparing For God’s Future #3

January 2, 2001

It's time to Celebrate! "This day belongs to the Lord! Let's Celebrate and be glad today." (Psalm 118:24) It's time to Celebrate! "The Lord is our God, and he has given us light! Start the Celebration!" (Psalm 118:27) It's time … (read more)

Preparing For God's Future #2

January 1, 2001

The date on our calendar and our readings both tell us to prepare for God's future. The Old Testament reading does it by following the early life of Samuel, promised to God for future service. The New Testament reading does … (read more)

Preparing For God's Future #1

December 31, 2000

We have come to the close of our millennium celebration for the Presbyterian Church in Canada. This marks the end of one of my personal efforts to mark this millennium moment and the focus on Jubilee and the celebration of … (read more)

Rejoice In Hope

December 29, 1998

Part of the theme for the Eighth Assembly of the World Council of Churches was "Rejoice in Hope." The Assembly study says; "It is a radical hope, a hope based not on human possibilities but in God's faithfulness and mighty … (read more)

Messages From Zimbabwe: Journey To Wholeness (7)

December 6, 1998

On this Sunday I am blessed with the opportunity to share with brothers and sisters half a world away from my home. Maybe I can't bring the snow and the Christmas tree that will this morning standing in the sanctuary … (read more)

Messages From Zimbabwe: Journey To Wholeness (6)

December 5, 1998

Today I am doing final preparations to speak with the people of Mbare Presbyterian Church tomorrow. I've been told this is an exuberant congregation who do not speak English but know the language of the Spirit. As a guest in … (read more)

Messages From Zimbabwe: Journey To Wholeness (5)

December 4, 1998

One of the most powerful moments of reconciliation I have experienced was during the transition from white to majority rule in South Africa. Two South Africans came to my country of Canada– one black and a former member of the … (read more)

Messages From Zimbabwe: Journey To Wholeness (4)

December 3, 1998

I claim friendship with God through Jesus Christ… and that is a first step in my personal journey to wholeness. It is actually Paul who says this is just the first step. We are not only reconciled to God through … (read more)

Messages From Zimbabwe: Journey To Wholeness (3)

December 2, 1998

Two years ago this week I was in Salvador, Brazil with the World Council of Churches' Conference on Mission and Evangelism. We went down to the docks of that ancient city and looked at the cobblestone wharf that had stood … (read more)

Messages From Zimbabwe: Journey To Wholeness (2)

December 1, 1998

I began ministry twenty some years ago in a place called Waywayseecappo in the Canadian Province of Manitoba, four thousand kilometres away from my home and family on the East Coast and half a world away from Zimbabwe. The people … (read more)

Messages From Zimbabwe: Journey To Wholeness (1)

November 30, 1998

The Eighth Assembly of the World Council of Churches is meeting December 3-14, 1998. The purpose of the World Council of Churches is to come together "as a fellowship of churches which confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and … (read more)

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