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Setting Fear Aside

August 6, 2019

Some years back, we were driving home to British Columbia from our daughter's place in Alberta. Having headed out much later than planned due to a family emergency, my husband decided to stray onto an unfamiliar route. This seemed like a …( read more )

Stain Remover

June 4, 2019

Often in these days of old age, with pains and lack of sleep, I may decide to have a stay-in-my-pyjamas day. Of course, that is just the day when someone will drop by. One day, my daughter happened to drop in on one of her quick visits. I …( read more )


October 2, 2018

Last year, I had emergency surgery and nearly died. For a week after I was released from the hospital, had it not been for the kindness of my son-in-law's sister, I would not have had a place to go. My landlord had just sold his house when …( read more )

Loving And The Mentally Challenged

March 10, 2017

He was in his early fifties, mentally challenged, and he fell in love. Oh, it was so beautiful to see! His friend, Marjorie, hung onto his arm like she would never let go of him. It brought tears to my eyes to see this adult man and woman …( read more )

Are You Afraid Of Your Brother?

February 7, 2017

Have you ever been asked that poignant question? One day on my way home from elementary school, a girl asked me that. Not being one of the more popular kids in town, I immediately became defensive and replied, "Are you afraid of your …( read more )

Are You Good Or Bad?

December 6, 2016

As Christmas approaches, I keep hearing these admonitions to children: "Have you been good or bad?" "If you are not good, Santa Claus will not come." The children quickly get the message, "I have to be good or I won't get that toy or …( read more )

Refreshing Showers

August 26, 2016

Lying in bed in the hospital recently for days, fighting pneumonia and enduring night sweats and other miseries, I was feeling so in need of a cleansing shower. As I was attached to machines and very weak, I could not make my way down the …( read more )


July 10, 2016

We have all heard of temptation, but have you ever heard of Temptations® cat treats? Recently, I sent away for two of their "Snacky Mice" treat holders as a promotional, one for my cat Sweetheart, and one for her friend. I filled up both …( read more )

Daily Blessings

May 22, 2016

As I go through each day and get to an advanced age, I tend to be more mindful of the blessings that God bestows on each of us. He has sent showers of blessings to us over the years, just as He has promised. One of those blessings is the …( read more )

Vertically Challenged?

January 12, 2016

I wonder if, like me, you are vertically challenged. I used to be five feet two inches, not the tallest in the world — and me with six-foot brothers and a mother who was five feet eight inches. Now in my old age, I have shrunk to just …( read more )

Wonderful Peace

May 27, 2015

Like many in later years, I was having a tossing-and-turning, sleepless night. This is not unusual for me, as I have been under spiritual attack for many years. I must cope with audible voices 24/7, and nighttime is the most difficult. …( read more )

Forgiver And Forgiven

May 16, 2015

Have you met Mr. and Mrs. Grudge? Let me introduce them to you. These people go through life, forgiving with great reluctance and carrying around feelings of ill will over various grievances. The grievances could be real or imagined. On …( read more )


May 5, 2015

Do you find it hard to be forgiving? Sometimes, it is very difficult for us to let go of the many hurts that have come our way. Some may be trivial, but others are heartbreaking. I understand, as I have experienced both. When we carry …( read more )

Power Lines

March 17, 2015

The message on the billboard caught my attention as we travelled the highway to home. It read, "STAY AWAY FROM POWER LINES", in large bold letters, along with an icon of a power pole. The message was obvious: the local power company was …( read more )

Thankful For Good Advice

March 8, 2015

Many years ago, when I first started hearing audible voices, I was in touch with a dear friend from my teenage days. She gave me the following good, sound advice: This is hard advice to follow, but it helps me very much: Keep an attitude …( read more )

Considering Our Blessings

April 21, 2014

Many years ago following the death of my dad, I was having a chat with my mother, when all of a sudden, mom said to me, "You know, June, Vernon has turned out to be such a blessing for me since your dad passed away." I looked at her, but …( read more )

Stark Reality

March 13, 2014

Let me tell about a dream I had last night. I saw a barren tree stripped of all its leaves, ready for winter — no green, red, or gold left behind, just stark and naked in the frosty air — so dead looking — just like we feel in lonely …( read more )


January 27, 2012

By today's title, you might be thinking that I am referring to my own size, but although that is not the case, I readily admit that this old body could do with being reduced drastically by 40 or 50 pounds. … (read more)

Conception And Birth

December 19, 2011

Recently, I watched a National Geographic television special on the conception and birth of human beings, dogs, elephants, and dolphins. As I watched, I wondered how anyone could be aware of the amazing miracles of conception and birth, and the … (read more)

Put The Garbage Out

October 18, 2011

Perhaps H. was thinking that there was lots more room in the bin, so it can wait. At times, anger would lift its ugly head in the conversation. How many of us have had a similar conversation before the garbage … (read more)

Never Alone

October 2, 2011

It is now past three years since my husband went home to be with the Lord. During that time, I've walked this path of loneliness and aloneness, as many of our readers have. Just when I think I'm okay and … (read more)

A Peaceful Passing

June 21, 2008

Often, we have heard that someone we know passed away peacefully. Never did I fully comprehend how this happened until I saw it with my own eyes. As my husband was dying on Easter Sunday, I sat at his bedside … (read more)

Victory In Jesus

March 20, 2008

Have you ever contemplated what Christ went through for us when He gave His life on the cross at Golgotha? I have — and when I do, it actually brings tears to my eyes to think that He died such … (read more)

Whiter Than Snow Christmas

December 14, 2007

Since moving to Alberta where there is more snow (usually) than on Vancouver Island, I have been looking forward to a white Christmas. Like many who were raised in the frozen areas of Canada, I am once again dreaming of … (read more)

The Intangible Gift From God

December 11, 2007

My Christmas gifts while growing up were small, but very meaningful. In a family of nine children, there were no elaborate gifts. Back then, we were not into the age of technology, so our parents did not have that challenge … (read more)

Praising God

July 16, 2007

How easy it is to praise the Lord when everything in our life seems to be going great! We all know how difficult we human beings find it to praise rather than to grumble when things are going wrong. It … (read more)

Strength In Our Weakness

May 22, 2007

Wow! This message which I received as a daily Bible reading from the Canadian Bible Society on April 18, 2007, hit me directly. It was a message to the church in Sardis, but I felt like God was speaking right … (read more)

The Old, Old Story – Ever New

December 19, 2006

It's getting near that time again — with children getting excited and wanting to hear the old, old story once again. The one I refer to here is "The Night Before Christmas", when not a creature was stirring, not even … (read more)

Rejoice In The Spirit Of Giving

December 15, 2006

One day recently, enclosed with my Chatelaine magazine, I received a brochure from the Royal Canadian Mint with the title, "Rejoice, in the spirit of giving", in fairly bold letters. Then, in smaller letters, the following wording appeared: "Distinctive holiday … (read more)

Don't Be Fenced In

June 5, 2006

Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above, Don't fence me in. Let me ride through the wide open country that I love, Don't fence me in. Although intent on the pastor's message about God commanding Abram … (read more)


May 25, 2006

I could not sleep. I sat looking out the window at the snow falling, noticing how snow crystals shine like diamonds as the street lights shine overhead. I started thinking about how there are seasons to everything and that winter … (read more)

The Mouths Of Babes

May 12, 2006

One day recently at our church, we had a guest speaker who represented Gospel for Asia Missions. He showed us a video of a young missionary named Joseph who was trying to tell the people about the Lord. The people … (read more)

A Gingerbread Christmas

December 16, 2005

Many children in this world have only a gingerbread Christmas, making gingerbread houses, men, and cookies. We have all heard the childhood fable of the Gingerbread Man, and many of us have read it to our children. One Christmas I … (read more)


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