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Grandchildren (3)

January 19, 1998

Yesterday, I wrote that my new grandson has taught me much about God and humankind. Being able to watch a two and half year old through a grandfather's eyes enables one to see the truths of faith much clearer. Those … (read more)

Grandchildren (2)

January 18, 1998

Yesterday, I wrote about the overwhelming joy and gladness I experienced when my grandson was born. In the short (two plus) years of his life he has taught me much about God and humankind. The most common metaphor in scripture … (read more)

Grandchildren (1)

January 17, 1998

There are literally hundreds of books around our house. There are so many that we will not read them all in our lifetime, yet sometimes I scan the titles and I am somehow transported to thoughts and recollections that uplift … (read more)


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