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The Six Million Dollar Man

August 31, 2003

Several months ago, I heard of a most interesting study that has stuck with me, and brought with it many thoughts and meditations. Apparently, years ago, a chemist undertook to determine the value of a human being. He broke down … (read more)

Roll Out The Red Carpet

July 2, 2003

The other morning, my three-year-old daughter said something that, to her, was so simple, but which was truly quite profound. As she lay in bed with her mother, out of the blue, she said, "You know, mommy, I put carpet … (read more)

Everyday I'll Follow After Him

May 21, 2003

Last night the youth of our church led us all in the worship portion of our service, and they led us in the song, "Everyday". At one point in the song was the phrase, "Everyday, I'll follow after You". As … (read more)

Do We Tremble?

April 19, 2003

I recently began a new teaching series in which our class is walking through the Gospels, in an effort to draw nearer to Christ by closely examining His life and teachings. As I prepared the lesson for the fifth and … (read more)

Faith Savings And Deposits

March 29, 2003

As I read these scriptures the other day, a song that my cousins sang some years ago began to play back through my mind. The words to this song were taken directly from these scriptures and have stayed with me … (read more)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Or A Streetcar Named Desire

March 23, 2003

E. M. Bounds' "Complete Works on Prayer" has re-opened my eyes to several truths about prayer. The one required element of prayer which stands out to me the most is "desire". In our daily lives, the things that we want … (read more)

Our Gracious And Patient Father

February 24, 2003

Today I received a gentle and friendly reminder of just how gracious and patient our dear heavenly Father is. Some two years ago, I made a vow to the Lord that I would consistently write devotional messages, as He provided … (read more)

Multiple Choice?

May 21, 2002

One Sunday morning, as I entered our church's bookstore, a decorative sign, a wall hanging, caught my eye. The sign contained seven very simple, yet very powerful and meaningful words. And, unfortunately, they were seven words that ring true for … (read more)

Going Against The Grain

May 18, 2002

Hezekiah was willing to go against the norm and conventions of his time to do what was right in the sight of the Lord. He re-opened the house of God, while others had shut the doors to the temple. He … (read more)

Don't Look Back

May 7, 2002

If you are a Christian, then all the sins that you had in your life before your salvation experience have been forgiven and forgotten by God. Unfortunately, as humans, we are not able to forget those sins and remove them … (read more)

What God Desires Most

April 28, 2002

For some time now, I have found that I am extremely hard on myself, when it comes to my walk with Christ, and rightly so. I hold myself to a higher standard than I do other people, and I often … (read more)

Friend Or Foe?

April 23, 2002

We have all heard, or been told, that we should choose our friends wisely. Well, James gives us even more insight into this old advice, as he shares with us the heart of God. Nowhere in the scriptures will we … (read more)

Protecting The Family

April 18, 2002

Everywhere I look around me, I see families falling apart. Being witness to so many family break-ups is quite a devastating experience. To sit in a room with two people who once were "in love", and see them argue about … (read more)


April 12, 2002

Today's scripture, written by King Solomon, appears near the end of a work that, quite honestly, contains many discouraging words. In his writings, Solomon continually states that he sees much of life as vanity, as meaningless, or as a chasing … (read more)

Commit Yourself

March 12, 2002

There is something that we all struggle with or we have a reputation for avoiding. It is something that we are called to, and something that we must all do at some point in our lives. It is commitment. According … (read more)

Heart Examination

March 4, 2002

This story of Gideon is quite a familiar passage to me, as I recently taught it in my Sunday School class. But last night the pastor made a comment about verse 3 that really stood out to me: "You notice … (read more)

Do You Need A Faith-Lift?

February 12, 2002

Recently I have found myself struggling with a certain "problem" in my daily walk with God. I constantly question my prayers, asking whether I am praying for the right things and in the right manner. What I have realized is … (read more)

Spiritual Climate Control

February 10, 2002

One of the most wonderful feelings that I can remember from my childhood days is something that may seem quite trivial to some people, but that has been burned into my memory. In the home I grew up in, we … (read more)

Looking Forward

January 1, 2002

These two Scripture verses hold great truths for each of us as we enter a new year. Each New Year's Day, people around the world resolve to change certain aspects of their lives, like getting back in shape, giving up … (read more)

And Now… The Rest Of The (Christmas) Story

December 26, 2001

More often than not, we read the story of Christ's birth in Luke 2, and depart along with the shepherds in verse 20. The rest of the story is about the baby Jesus being taken to the temple to be … (read more)

What's In A Word?

December 22, 2001

What is in a word? Well, normal words can indeed have great and significant meaning. Words from other people can truly change our lives: they can help to brighten our day, or they can cause sadness or anger. But rather … (read more)

Two Heads Are Better Than One!

August 14, 2001

The old saying is that two heads are better than one. And, unlike many proverbs and sayings, this one is actually confirmed by the scriptures. We discussed these verses in my Sunday School class recently, and I came across them … (read more)

Prolonged Exposure

July 17, 2001

"Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun while taking this medication." This is the message or warning that appears on the label of one of my prescriptions. In other words, prolonged exposure to the sun could cause damage to my health … (read more)

Praise The Lord

June 17, 2001

Praising the Lord is something I think we often take for granted, or perhaps we reserve for Sunday morning worship. But the reality of it is that we can, and should, praise the Lord constantly. Unfortunately, many times we never … (read more)

Eternal Hide And Seek

May 22, 2001

Have you ever played a game of hide and seek? The game is well known: several people go and hide, and then one person sets off on a mission to find them, so that on the next turn the one … (read more)

A "Waity" Matter

April 24, 2001

All of us, at some point in our lives, have wanted something so badly that, as the saying goes, we could taste it. Because of our fleshly nature, we have a built-in desire to obtain those things we want in … (read more)

Me A Blessing?

April 3, 2001

Today's passage is a story of faith and devotion, of sacrifice and of love. Here we have a group of men who cared so much about their friend that they went to extreme lengths to take him to Jesus that … (read more)

Riches Will Fly

March 31, 2001

If ever I have encountered a portion of scripture that needed little or no explanation, this is surely it. As one of my favourite ministers would say, "Those words could preach." In the midst of the market turmoil convulsing the … (read more)

God Is In Control

March 10, 2001

For several months now, a constant in my prayer life has been centred around a sermon that our pastor shared. He instructed us to begin praying that God would be the author of our lives and that we would allow … (read more)

For The Sake Of Argument

February 24, 2001

Have you ever found yourself entangled in an argument and realized that you could not even remember what had started the argument? Or have you ever found yourself just arguing for the sake of arguing, or playing the "devil's advocate", … (read more)

Assimilation: The Prime Directive

February 8, 2001

While preparing a Sunday School lesson recently, I came across an analogy that has stuck in my mind, and I share it, hoping that perhaps it will stick in the minds of others as well. Our lesson centred around the … (read more)

Comforting Hands

January 16, 2001

Each of us, at some time in the past, has found the need to lean on the comfort and encouragement of someone else. All of us have found that in a difficult situation, or perhaps even in the middle of … (read more)

The Good Ol' Days Or The God Days

January 7, 2001

I often find myself longing for and desiring to live again in times that have already passed me by. What is often referred to as "the good ol' days" is sometimes quite an alluring thought for me. Sometimes I find … (read more)


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