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The King And I

December 6, 2017

Recently, my Wednesday evening Bible study group began studying the book of Daniel. During our last session, we discussed the historical events, recorded in chapter four, concerning King Nebuchadnezzar, ruler of Babylon. Daniel worked as …( read more )

In The Morning

February 2, 2015

The birds beneath my feeders are busy. Several times a day, they dart back and forth between their home in my neighbour's rhododendron bush and my feeders. Yet, as busy as they are feeding themselves during this cold weather, they always …( read more )

The Surprise

March 26, 2014

As the sun grew brighter and the days grew warmer, the horses and goats began to shed their thick winter coats. And as they did so, I noticed that Mama, one of our miniature horses, had gained a lot of weight over the winter. *I'm going …( read more )

With Us

August 13, 2013

We recently put our travel trailer on a church site for the summer. It is only 45 minutes from home. We plan to have many weekends there, both as a couple and as a family. The irony of this is that the site that best fit our trailer is the …( read more )


February 3, 2010

Zoë, my eighteen-month-old daughter, came to visit me in hospital recently, when I was ill. She climbed up on the bed where I was, ignored the IV drip in my arm and my yellow skin, and came into the … (read more)

The Lord Of All

January 11, 2007

Competition in our town is great. There are two major schools in our community with rival sports teams: the city "Bulldogs" and the county "Yellow Jackets". When these two schools play each in other in football, emotions in our community … (read more)

A Fresh Start

September 22, 2005

I so appreciate a fresh jar of peanut butter. A twist of the lid, a peeling back of foil, and there it lies: smooth, level, crumb-free, waiting for the dip of a knife and a slathering on toast. In a … (read more)

Anti-Sin Software

March 2, 2005

I spend a lot of time on a computer. I work for a computer software company, and also communicate with many friends on the Internet. Because of this, I have several interesting tools on my computer. One is an anti-virus … (read more)

Close To The Master

September 14, 2004

"What's the matter, Ben Nevis?" I really didn't expect an answer from the small white dog shivering on my kitchen floor, his black nose pointed into the corner. Prior to this, he'd been running about the house, looking out the … (read more)

Early In The Morning

August 29, 2004

For a long time now, I have started my day with a quiet time alone with God, reading His Word and praying. In the nicer weather, I also like to go for a walk along the beach early in the … (read more)

The Weeds Were Bad This Year

January 17, 2003

"The weeds were bad this year," was the general subject of conversation in the country. I could attest to this fact, as I had been pulling weeds out of a strawberry field, which was contaminated, within days, with thick stems, … (read more)

Friend On Hold

May 31, 2002

"Please hold a moment. I have another call coming in," Carol said. I sat holding the phone to my ear, thinking how eager I had been to talk to Carol. We had been best friends since kindergarten, and our friendship … (read more)

The Conversation

April 27, 2002

"Guess who called today!" my husband excitedly asked me upon my arrival home from work. Names and faces flashed through my mind instantly. "It was Sierra," my husband said. "She wanted to talk to Magga [her name for grandmother], and … (read more)

Blind Spot

March 23, 2002

We all have a blind spot, a place where we cannot see. I was travelling up the highway, not really paying the attention I should have. I was a little mesmerized with the traffic cruising along at the speed limit, … (read more)

Struggling To Keep On Course

February 26, 2002

Heading out into the Gulf of Mexico, I took my turn at the wheel of a thirty-six-foot trawler. Having never done anything like this before, I found it a challenging task. The wind was blowing right across the bow of … (read more)

Angel Scrapbook

December 7, 2001

I know a mother and daughter who collect angel ornaments and pictures of angels. Together they made a scrapbook by gluing in pretty pictures of angels cut from old Christmas cards. One day, the mother cheerfully indicated to her daughter, … (read more)

Looking Forward

November 30, 2001

Driving home from our Presbytery meeting the other day, our group pulled up behind a car with a pumpkin windsock flapping about on the end of its radio antenna. Obviously, the driver was celebrating autumn. A little further on, we … (read more)

God Time Or Me Time?

October 14, 2000

In our hurry-up man-centred, man-dependent world that measures success by activity, making big bucks, or how much one accomplishes, finding time to hide oneself alone with God for steady spiritual growth is a lost priority. It is viewed by many … (read more)

Are You A Morning Person?

September 11, 2000

The early bird gets the worm. Early to bed, early to rise — makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Common proverbs such as these are meant to encourage us to get up early in the morning to start our … (read more)

Going To Grandma's

January 16, 2000

It's Sunday and I hesitate to leave the comfort of my bed. I push the snooze button on the alarm and drift back off to sleep. Minutes later, the alarm goes off again, and I drag myself out of bed … (read more)

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