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Give Your Best

December 4, 2018

It was just a few days before Christmas. "We need to go and buy a turkey," one said to the other. "I thought I saw a turkey in our freezer," said the other. Sure enough, deep down in the freezer, there was a turkey. And it had a date on …( read more )

The Holy Room

October 11, 2017

I'll never forget the "Holy Room" in my childhood house. We didn't call it that, but that's how it got treated. Although holy means sacred and consecrated, it also means set apart and separate from common use. This is the definition that …( read more )

Ancient Doors

April 27, 2015

When my son was in Bible college, he had the opportunity to travel to Israel with a group of fellow students. One of the items that he brought home was a book entitled The Holy Land in Color. This was a wonderful gift that enabled me to …( read more )

Singing In The Garden

September 9, 2014

I like to sing just as much as I like to garden, so my plans for the summer were to be singing in the garden. However, when the talents were being handed out for singing and gardening, I was lined up for knitting and reading. According to …( read more )

Sweet Potato

May 30, 2014

A small apartment is my home now, and the many tiny gifts given to me over the years decoratively enhance my room. There are some angel figurines, pictures, and Bible verses around that make my simple existence comfortable and content. I …( read more )

Altars Of Worship

April 14, 2014

Jesus quoted this prophetic Scripture from Isaiah 56:7 as He went into the temple following His palm-strewn entry into Jerusalem the day before. The religious leaders were alarmed by His show of authority as He forcefully overturned the …( read more )

What's Mine Is …

October 26, 2013

His nickname was "Double T", but I knew him better by what snuggled in his pocket each Sunday morning: a single dollar bill. Double T was a kind man, well-known in the community, well-liked in the area, a faithful church attendee, and a …( read more )

Oh, Now I Get It!

June 4, 2011

What a thrill it is to accompany our children those first years of school, to wait outside with them until the bell rings, and, often, to help out in the classroom. The thrill is again granted with our grandchildren, and … (read more)

Turning Coffee Into Trees

April 22, 2010

There's a new coffee shop in town called "Ja Verde". It's situated on the west end of Middlebrook Pike, and its grand opening took place on Saturday, March 27th. I was there on one recent morning, having coffee with a … (read more)

A New Beginning

May 28, 2008

Many years ago, we moved to a small instant town on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It was situated in a beautiful valley with majestic mountains all around. Everything was new, the people, houses, and streets — a true … (read more)

Clean Vessels

April 24, 2006

Dishes have always been of special interest to me. I have "everyday dishes" and "good china", and for those really relaxed days, I have two-sectioned plates that are microwave safe. My good china is taken out of the china cabinet … (read more)

Butterfly Mysteries

September 15, 2002

Several years ago, we visited friends in the small cottage town of Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada. It was late summer, and most of the tourists had returned to work or school. The sandy beach stretched before us, and it seemed … (read more)

Clean Hands And A Pure Heart

February 6, 2002

When I was a little boy, I liked nothing better than to play in the dirt. I had been given several toy tractors, bulldozers, graders, and cranes, so I spent many hours moving the sand and soil of my backyard … (read more)

Over Six Billion Served

November 8, 1999

Just the other day, the six billionth person arrived on earth. The sweet baby was born in Sarajevo and was greeted by dignitaries from the United Nations. When I saw the picture and story in the paper, I couldn't help … (read more)


May 20, 1998

A radio or television commercial usually consists of three parts: the "intro", which signifies the beginning and is usually a bit of catchy music; the "donut" or middle, which contains the message; and the "extro" which signifies the ending, and … (read more)

It's My Life

January 26, 1998

How many times have you heard, or even said to yourself, "It's my life; I'll do what I want with it"? That is a very common phrase and usually it is used as a defence, or to cover up sin. … (read more)

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