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The Edge

January 14, 2014

Recent storms that brought rain, freezing temperatures, and large amounts of snow have made keeping the roads clear a challenge. Today, we entered a new phase — rain and warmer temperatures, which may at a later date be called the January …( read more )

The Warning

September 11, 2004

Several years ago, as a young wife and mother of two children, I moved with my husband to Cape Breton. In so doing we made our first trip as a family across the Canso Causeway. After living on the island … (read more)

Journey To Bethlehem

December 2, 2000

The story of Christ's birth is probably one of the most touching stories ever told — a young and very pregnant woman journeying by donkey and foot to a town far away, only to be met by closed doors and … (read more)

Trapped In The Elevator

May 6, 2000

Our church is thriving and growing. We have had for some years a time of fellowship after the service, which allows us to gather together in an attempt to get to know one another as a Christian family. We have … (read more)

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