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Prepare The Way For The Lord

December 4, 2016

My mother had the gift of telling us about real-life developments as they unfolded. She kept us spellbound with vivid details, even when the story took several years to reach its secretly hoped-for, but still-unexpected climax. One such …( read more )

A New Heart

June 12, 2009

With a new baby and a wreck of a house, I have a tendency to be focused on the job to be done: it is easy to do. Consequently, I am task-orientated, with a noticeable sense of satisfaction when a … (read more)


February 26, 2009

In our town, many of the churches have signs out front with challenging messages on them. Recently, I saw one that said, "Too bad when we mess up, we couldn't press Control-Alt-Delete and have a new start." In the PC … (read more)

Ezekiel – A New Heart

October 28, 1996

Picture a boring class in Seminary. Look around and notice that about half the class is sleeping with eyes somehow glued open. Picture a tall, somber professor decked out in Geneva black, labouring over the pros and cons of the … (read more)

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