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Lest We Forget

May 28, 2018

Forgetting what one needs or wants terribly to remember is a horrible thing. I once chaperoned an eighth-grade trip to Washington DC, USA. Memorials are always high on the list of things to visit because they are constructed to help …( read more )


February 5, 2015

As I walked through my office, dusting every shelf, I realized that life had become too busy. Pictures of deceased and living relatives sit idly on my book shelves. Rocks from places I've visited on mission trips and vacations nestle …( read more )


May 19, 2010

I recently was at an event where there were young children. One of the children wanted to show me his car. As he was showing it to me, he told me that it was a special car. I asked him … (read more)

A Prayer Of Thanksgiving

November 26, 2009

Recently, I joined a prayer ministry that has enriched my own personal communication with God. Based on Scripture promises, I am encouraged to depend on the Holy Spirit's leading, and have found a beautiful example of prayer based on God's … (read more)


November 25, 2009

From what I've seen and experienced over the last several years, Thanksgiving in America is a time of immense pressure and stress for those who are hosting family and friends at this season. I know that in our household, we're … (read more)

Multiple Choice?

May 21, 2002

One Sunday morning, as I entered our church's bookstore, a decorative sign, a wall hanging, caught my eye. The sign contained seven very simple, yet very powerful and meaningful words. And, unfortunately, they were seven words that ring true for … (read more)

Thanksgiving At The Gin

November 22, 2001

The hardest job I ever had was managing my father's cotton gin. That fall three decades ago, when I returned home from overseas military service, he said, "Son, I'm tending to the harvest. You'll have to learn to operate the … (read more)


November 12, 2000

Every Sunday, I prepare our church offering envelope to put on the collection plate at the local Presbyterian Church where we worship. It gives me a good feeling to know that I am contributing to keeping our church alive, as … (read more)

It Stands Written

February 25, 1997

Let's leap backward a thousand years or so. Dripping wet from the Jordan's waters, the newly baptized Messiah was driven by the Holy Spirit into the desert. After fasting forty days and nights, Jesus was exhausted and famished. Like Eve, … (read more)

Remembering: What God Requires Of Us

January 23, 1997

How good is your memory? Mine is not as good as it might be. In fact, I'd be completely lost without my pocket diary. I write in it everything I'm supposed to do, and constantly check it in order to … (read more)

Remembering: What We Owe To God As Creator And Provider

January 19, 1997

How good is your memory ? Mine is not as good as it might be. People used to say that if you wanted to remember something you should tie a knot in your handkerchief (it wouldn't work so well today … (read more)

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