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Don't Worry, Pray

November 10, 2009

Often when I have a problem, I worry about it until I'm at my wit's end. Then when all else fails, I pray. Now, why did I waste all this time and energy? It is so plainly written out in … (read more)

The 100-Year-Old Rose Bush

August 14, 2008

Driving with friends down some old back roads, I felt a kinship with the host of one of my favourite series on the History Channel, "In Search of…". I, too, was on a quest. I hoped to reconnect with the … (read more)

Thanksgiving In May

May 25, 2001

It's interesting how with patience, things grow and multiply; be those things crocus bulbs bursting, blooming in the spring, then in the course of the fall and winter, silently, softly, multiplying to bring forth more plants the following year; or … (read more)

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