Canadians love hockey. In the Hockey Hall of Fame, the great players of the past are honoured and revered. When the stars retire, their player numbers are retired, too, and in their home ice arenas, their hockey jerseys are hung up high in the air for all to see. We enjoy remembering the great game moments, the rivalries, the antics and fun on the ice, and especially the Stanley Cup finals.

The Bible also has a Hall of Fame, with heroes of faith like Noah, Abraham, Gideon, and David. It is found in the Book of Hebrews chapter 11, and here is just one sample:

Hebrews 11:27 – By faith [Moses] left Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king; for he endured, as seeing Him who is unseen. (NASB)

Moses never raced across the blue line, pulled a hat trick, or hoisted the Cup! We remember him not as a sportsman, but as a hero of faith, who overcame adversity, even though he often couldn't see what was before him. His faith in God helped him to understand the invisible world. As the adopted grandson of the Pharaoh of Egypt, all the prestige, privileges, riches, and education were his for the asking, but he chose to let God, not the ruler of Egypt, design his destiny. His choice had its consequences: a life of struggle, frustration, and even suffering at times, instead of all of Egypt's pleasures and ease.

Moses believed that God could save a whole nation in one Passover night, and his response was obedience and trust. He knew God as his Saviour and heaven as his home. The apostle Peter echoed the experience of Moses in these words of faith at Pentecost:

Acts 5:29,32 – But Peter and the apostles answered, "We must obey God rather than men. And we are witnesses of these things; and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey Him." (NASB)

Moses followed God even when he couldn't completely understand what God's plan was. When we are faced with the hard choice between an easier and predictable life, or following God, let us look to the life of this Hall of Famer, Moses, and be inspired by his life and faith.

Prayer: Dearest Lord, thank You for the lives of Your Hall of Fame heroes of faith, and how their lives of dependence on and guidance by You can inspire and encourage us in our own lives, even though we may not always see ahead or understand Your plans. Help us to look to You, as Moses did, in faith and obedience. Amen!

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Shirley Moulton <>
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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