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How much does your family know about you? My dad did not share his life and thoughts with us, though I believe that he was tormented by memories of his time as a prisoner of war in World War II. Many times, he would be deep in thought, where he did allow visitors. I have often wished that I had more information about him. In his boyhood in McLean, Illinois, USA, he made slingshots and learned to shoot so well that on a bet of one nickel, he shot the hat off a man walking across the street. I would love to know more about him in his childhood. Unfortunately, his story died when he did. Did he have a good time growing up on a farm? How did he feel about fishing at the creek in the early morning? Did he think about God? Was he close to his mother? Did he do things with his father? How terrible were his 26 months as a prisoner in Germany during the war? Did he call into the heavens for an unseen Father to help him? Did he recall his mother's poem about her God?

The story of our lives is invaluable to our children and grandchildren, even if they might not fully realize it now. With my own family, I have shared many stories in these last years, and will do so in days to come. It's amazing how many memories that I have! I love writing, so it's easy sharing the many stories that clutter this old woman's mind after 74 years of living.

Deuteronomy 4:9 – But watch out! Be careful never to forget what you yourself have seen. Do not let these memories escape from your mind as long as you live! And be sure to pass them on to your children and grandchildren. (NLT)

For you who do not love writing, I encourage you to find ways to share. The Bible reminds us many times to tell your children your stories, especially the times that God has saved you, blessed you, guided you, loved you, and forgiven you.

Psalm 71:18 – So even to old age and grey hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come. (ESV)

Talk with your children about the Lord as you walk along. As you bait his hook sitting on the bank of a creek, maybe tell him of an adventure that you had as a child. It's even better if you can recall God blessing you or protecting you. Tell her how important praying is in your life, and recall how your family has been the recipient of great answers to prayers. Put Him first in your life so that those who come behind you will find you faithful to our God.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we come to You to ask You to bring to our minds the glorious blessings that have come from Your hand. May we never stop sharing Your touch on our lives! Amen.

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Jeanie Nihiser <>
Cerro Gordo, Illinois, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    At 74 you are far from being old.

    I’m doing that very thing, Jeanie.

    Thanks for such a wonderful devotional today.

    Beautiful truth Jeanie!

    Thanks Jeanie – words of wisdom!

    Thank you, Jeanie, for today’s devotion story.
    I enjoyed it very much.

    Sharing our journey with children and grandchildren is very important. This is done verbally and, if possible, in writing. In this way we can show the importance of prayer in our lives.

    Thanks, Jeanie, for your thoughtful devotional writing today. Memories are important to share, especially with our children, so family happenings and moments can be carried forward through the coming generations and that way our love for Jesus and our strong faith is passed along too. Blessings for this special writing.

    Your devotional today is very close to my heart! My grandchildren ask me to tell stories of my childhood, and of their parents. I remember stories that my parents told of their lives. How fortunate we are to have the Bible, telling stories of our ancestors in Faith and their walks with God!
    Thank you for sharing this with the readers.

    Jeanie, what a blessing and encouragement your devotional is today. I’ve been putting off completing the ‘story’ of my husband’s life – a fascinating story of God’s Hand being upon him and guiding and protecting him! As soon as I finish thanking you for spurring me on, I’m heading to work on it more!!
    Blessings to you.

    Dear Jeanie,
    Thank you for sharing – your story about your father, and your invitation/admonition about our also sharing. It is a real encouragement! I’ve been planning for some time to write a small booklet for my grandchildren (and children), and you have reminded me it will be good to start. And what an adventure in memories for me at the same time.
    May God use your story to encourage so many more!

    Good morning, Jeanie,
    I am not a big talker or writer, so I have not inquired about my parents early years or said much to my children about my own. My memory is also not that good so I have forgot lots that my parents shared with me and can’t ask them when I try to remember something. Sometimes photographs help me to remember.
    It is a very interesting idea that you share, and I can see the importance of it. I do try to share the importance of God in my life with family and friends because I truly believe it does help others and myself. This has come with age and maturity.
    Thank you for the good message and the encouragement to share more. Blessings.

    Thank you, Jeanie. I often wish my mother had shared more stories of her life before she died many years ago.

    Good morning, Jeanie,
    What a great devotional. I am like you, I love to share my family stories with my friends and family.
    My father is in a seniors retirement home and he has stories everyday for me which I giggle or think wow, my dad is now sharing where he never has before.
    I am grateful for his sharing the stories with me. I am sorry your father didn’t share his stories, I imagine they were just too hard to talk about and too painful to share.
    Sending virtual support!
    Enjoy the day!

    Absolutely a beautiful message Shirley. I try to do that with my children.
    My parents lost two young children. Life after the deaths of our brothers was not always easy. Fortunately our parents, despite serious grief, they kept moving forward. Fortunately they were both Christians. Sadly the pain of the death of the boys, took its toll on them.
    Thank you.

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