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September 30, 2005

When we first came over from Scotland, our family brought many cherished personal belongings that reminded us of the "auld country". Amongst these treasures was an old hickory-shafted putter that I had owned since I was a child. I bought … (read more)

The Most Private Room

September 29, 2005

It seemed that children were in every corner of the house. I was desperate for privacy and wanted my husband to expand our old farmhouse in any direction! I came up with dozens of totally impractical schemes that involved knocking … (read more)

Christians Are The Salt

September 28, 2005

My mother had a medical problem for which she was required to leave salt out of her diet. She tried several of the salt substitutes on the market, but to no avail: a satisfying substitute was never found for the … (read more)

A Better Way

September 27, 2005

I recently inherited a family heirloom: a pair of silver candlesticks and a pedestalled silver bowl my mother used to call a compote. I treasure these things because they were given to my parents by a grateful congregation my father … (read more)

A Bright Idea

September 26, 2005

One day, the television in my mom's living room wouldn't work. My dad was at the factory, so I decided to fix it. I was fifteen years old at the time and reckoned it was my moment to do something … (read more)

Arrival Day

September 25, 2005

Recently, I was expecting an international student to arrive here in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. Before she came, she e-mailed me, so I would know what day to be at the airport, what time to be there, and the number … (read more)

The Old Becomes New

September 24, 2005

Time has not been kind. There are severe dents and chips on the surface marring its original beauty, and exposure to the elements has eroded the very heart of its character and charm. My current "fix-up" project is to restore … (read more)

An Unusual Wedding

September 23, 2005

Last summer, I attended a most unusual wedding. It started out beautifully, with the pastor explaining the politically incorrect but thoroughly biblical pattern for a happy marriage from Ephesians 5. He told us that if husbands would love their wives … (read more)

A Fresh Start

September 22, 2005

I so appreciate a fresh jar of peanut butter. A twist of the lid, a peeling back of foil, and there it lies: smooth, level, crumb-free, waiting for the dip of a knife and a slathering on toast. In a … (read more)

Not One Of Us

September 21, 2005

About forty-five years ago, my home town of Glasgow, Scotland, started to pull down many old buildings that had been condemned as not fit for human habitation. These inner-city slums housed thousands of families, who had built up a strong … (read more)

River Of Life

September 20, 2005

Fall, in all its glorious opulence, is what we experienced as we drove through the mountains of northern California. The orange and gold colours of the aspens and maples were breathtaking. We took scenic drives through forests of evergreens. There, … (read more)

The Tiniest Details

September 19, 2005

We recently gave in and allowed our twelve-year-old son to have gerbils. I was quite clear that if he was going to get two, then they must be of the same sex. After he saved his money, he purchased from … (read more)

Be Still And Know

September 18, 2005

It is early on a Sunday morning as I sit, ready and waiting to go to church, preparing my mind and heart to sense, again, the awesome reality of His presence. It has been a difficult week, weather-wise. Most of … (read more)

The New Barn

September 17, 2005

After some years, "The Farm", as we call it, stood vacant. The old barn was long gone, and only a silo marked where it had been. One day, it was contemplated that a new barn be erected, and over the … (read more)

City On A Hill

September 16, 2005

I was on a tour bus heading for Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico, and our destination for the night. The sun had set over the dark Mexican countryside, and the only lights available in the darkness were the bus lights — that … (read more)

Changed Ways

September 15, 2005

Davie was a wild, reckless boy who wouldn't accept discipline, deadlines, or duties. He did his own thing, and when I met him, he had turned into a sour, drug-addicted man. He used to shout a lot when he was … (read more)

Real Peace

September 14, 2005

All summer, we watched tiny, exquisite, awe-inspiring hummingbirds feed from the tasty sugar water that my husband so generously supplied to them. They circled the feeder, suspended themselves in mid-air for a few seconds, and then dove straight to the … (read more)

Cane Spider

September 13, 2005

Living in the tropics, I've faced my share of creepy critters. I've encountered centipedes, mice, termites, and roaches galore (even flying ones). I don't like them, but I can deal with them. What I cannot tolerate are cane spiders. Cane … (read more)

Lying Dormant

September 12, 2005

Before long, it will be time to think about planting fall bulbs, like tulips or crocuses or narcissuses. Every time I plant some, I think about them being in the cold, frozen ground all winter. And yet in order for … (read more)


September 11, 2005

Usually I am friendly and welcoming to newcomers in our church. One recent Sunday, I learned something about myself. Although I casually spoke to a stranger in our midst, I did not go out of my way to make him … (read more)

Broken Windows

September 10, 2005

Years ago, when I ministered in Scotland, I walked into the church halls one morning, only to discover that all of the windows had been broken. During the night, a local gang had come along, throwing bricks and stones through … (read more)

Doing Good

September 9, 2005

Once after a busy day at work, I hurriedly drove to the gym for my daily exercise. I noticed there weren't many cars around and thought it must be due to the time of day. As I climbed out of … (read more)


September 8, 2005

For most of her ten years, Bethany has had long hair. It is thick, naturally streaked, with just enough wave. Beautiful hair! Unfortunately, she also has an extremely sensitive head, which made daily hair brushing an ordeal that often ended … (read more)

Living Water

September 7, 2005

My mother has a number of African violets blooming and looking healthy. Recently, she went away for a month on vacation. When she got back, she was saddened to see that her violets were dry and very, very thirsty. They … (read more)

The Dolly

September 6, 2005

For the past two weeks, we've been kept busy, helping our daughter to move. Some of the heavy pieces of furniture would have been almost impossible to move without the help of the dolly that my husband bought several years … (read more)

Precious Memories

September 5, 2005

Margaret, my beautician, was also my good friend. She was always eager to accommodate her customers and to go the second mile to meet their needs and their schedules. She was more like a member of the family than a … (read more)

Moving Ahead While Reflecting Back

September 4, 2005

As a very new Christian, it seems the more I move ahead in my journey, the more times that I find myself reflecting back. It is not that I am reflecting back upon my sinful ways, but rather on the … (read more)

It's All About Fruit

September 3, 2005

We had a pitiful stand of rhubarb in the side garden. Fancy fertilizers and sprays had no effect. All efforts to encourage healthy growth had failed. Finally an old farmer revealed our problem. The root had been planted too close … (read more)

He Pitched His Tent Amongst Us

September 2, 2005

As little children, my sister and I were never told of the difficulties of a camping holiday in England. We just enjoyed all the excitement and pleasure. We did not know until we were adults that my mother suffered greatly … (read more)

Answered Prayer

September 1, 2005

While on summer holidays, we sleep in a tent. Although it occasionally presents difficulties, it is usually an enjoyable and economical way to travel. Our family travels and sightsees all day, then stops in the evening to set up the … (read more)


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