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Good Night, God

February 29, 2004

Recently, one of my friends asked, "How are you?" and, when I hesitated briefly to consider how I should reply, she nodded knowingly, and said, "You're being carried right now." "Yes, I'm being carried." I agreed. Later that night, I … (read more)

One Giant Leap

February 28, 2004

As I flipped the calendar on the first day of February, I found it! I had forgotten that it was coming. But there it was, one whole complete extra day, unstructured, unexpected, and totally available. When I am pressed for … (read more)

Lost In The Darkness

February 27, 2004

Our driveway and carport are lined with motion-sensor lights that come on when something moves in front of them. My four-year-old grandson was riding his tricycle late one evening. As he rode out from in front of the sensor lights, … (read more)

Can We Bear Fruit In Old Age?

February 26, 2004

Our pastor challenges us to read the Bible through each year, and I have just finished. After I finished I pondered just what passages I would begin studying now. I soon found myself reading Psalms 91 and 92 through many … (read more)

The Anchor That Holds

February 25, 2004

There is one place I don't want to be in a north-easterly gale, and that is on the water. Not long ago, one of these storms brought high winds, up to 72 centimetres of snow, and winter havoc to the … (read more)

The Good Old Days

February 24, 2004

Some folks like to talk about the "good old days" — the ones when life was tougher than Mom's free-range chicken. These stories are generally a tad embellished, like the commercial which tells of walking nine miles to school, up … (read more)

Saving The Good Part

February 23, 2004

My friend and I were sorting pears from her tree to take to market. All the pears that had bruises or were misshapen in any way she threw aside as worthless. "Why are we discarding these good pears?" I asked. … (read more)

The Unusual Prayer Meeting

February 22, 2004

In November, one of the churches in my hometown was celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, and, during their celebrations, many tributes were given to the five remaining charter members and the ninety-year-old minister who was their first pastor. During the Sunday … (read more)

Learn To Keep Praying And Not Faint

February 21, 2004

A few days ago, I began to go through one of my older journals, and I came across this quotation from Hudson Taylor: "Move men for God through prayer alone." I then decided, as a reminder, to copy those wise … (read more)

The Role Of An Encourager

February 20, 2004

In high school, I had a Christian principal who was an encourager. He stimulated my mind, and helped me to believe in myself. He came into my life when I needed someone to lift, inspire, and have faith in me. … (read more)

Facing The Giant (2)

February 19, 2004

Once I decided to face my fear of feeding the chickens, it wasn't the belligerent rooster that made my trip memorable. It was the mouse scurrying about the feed bin that caused me to run back to the house. This … (read more)

Facing The Giant (1)

February 18, 2004

When I was six, my mother asked me to feed the chickens while she made supper. As soon as she asked me, my heart began to thump wildly. Although I was capable of feeding the chickens, I was afraid to … (read more)

Out Jumped A Giant

February 17, 2004

In my early Christian journey, I, like many other young Christians, looked to others to represent me before the throne of God in prayer, believing that mature prayer warriors had more power in prayer than my own stumbling prayers. Then … (read more)

The Pilot

February 16, 2004

I was going on a flight recently. Before I left, it was stormy — snowing and blowing, in fact. I am always a little apprehensive about flying, so the weather didn't help that. The take-off was uneventful; the whole flight … (read more)

Computer Virus

February 15, 2004

"My computer detected a potential worm and would not return my e-mail." My friend and colleague used these words when responding to one of my devotionals. Sooner or later, those of us who use computers regularly will experience or know … (read more)

He Loves Us So Much

February 14, 2004

As a child, did you ever pick a daisy, and play the game of pulling the petals off one by one? I'm sure that, like me, many have done just this. As each petal fell, we would say (with the … (read more)


February 13, 2004

I used to be a teacher and a caretaker, so I find myself mildly obsessive about order, litter, and untidiness in my place of work. (Home, though, is another matter!) One man I work with confided in me that when … (read more)

Knowing God's Plan

February 12, 2004

How will we know if it's the Lord's will? This question kept returning last summer, whenever my husband and I thought of moving. After many address changes earlier in our lives, it had been a pleasure to settle down, make … (read more)

When It Hurts

February 11, 2004

I'd like to introduce you to one of the girls who used to ride with me on my school bus. Whenever she would get the tiniest of scratches (or hurts), she would immediately cry out for a band-aid. On all … (read more)

Face To Face

February 10, 2004

"You'll know me by the picture on my book," she wrote. I know a little more than that about Anne Russell. By reading her book and her regular submissions to this page, I have learned some things about her faith, … (read more)


February 9, 2004

The sun was shining, and the day beckoned me to get outside. I decided to take our dog for a walk along the walking trails that run through our town and along the river. One minute he ran ahead, then … (read more)

Stress Relievers

February 8, 2004

Before settling down for the night, I often have a cup of hot chocolate. I call it my comfort food. As it is high in carbohydrates and sweet stuff that tastes so good, I often feel guilty about having this. … (read more)

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

February 7, 2004

The late actor, Telly Savalas, played the part of a police chief on a 1970s television series. Every show included his "tag" line, "Who loves ya, baby?" Sometimes it was offered tenderly, to his sweetie, but more often he said … (read more)


February 6, 2004

Besides being able to share my faith with readers around the world, my writing has brought me other special blessings. On one occasion, while participating in an evening of readings, I met another author, and, to our great delight, we … (read more)

All Through The Night

February 5, 2004

A couple of nights ago, fearfully tossing and turning, unable to sleep, I reached up in the darkness to turn my radio on, hoping to find some relaxing music. Instantly I heard the sweetest voice singing a song I have … (read more)

On Ground Level

February 4, 2004

On a recent business trip, my usual room was not available at my favourite hotel, but I was given an equally comfortable room by the very friendly staff. I discovered, however, that there was a difference between the two rooms … (read more)

The Heart Attack

February 3, 2004

As I walked down the hallway of our local hospital, posters reminded me that, in Canada, February is designated as "Heart Month". During the month, many of us will be invited to have our blood pressure checked, or be encouraged … (read more)


February 2, 2004

Have you ever wondered if this was actually the first time that Jesus had met the disciples, or if it is just the way the text is written that makes it seem like that? Just maybe Jesus had met the … (read more)

Victory In Jesus

February 1, 2004

While in Florida, we met a young man whom I will call Sam. He was brought up in a Jewish home, but later was converted to Christianity. As a result of a brain tumour in his late forties, he had … (read more)


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