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Preparing The Soil And Planting The Seed

September 30, 2003

It has been my custom to plant a second crop of beans in my vegetable garden each year. The planting takes place about the second week of July for a September picking. This year was a little special. Our four-year-old … (read more)

What Does God's Voice Sound Like?

September 29, 2003

My husband and I took a train trip a while ago, something we both very much enjoy, as trains played such an important part in our youth. My husband grew up in a railroad family. When his father came to … (read more)


September 28, 2003

From my office window, I can see that we have had a new electricity substation put in to accommodate the increase in demand for electricity. It is shielded from view by a lovely Cotswold stone wall, six feet high. Weeds … (read more)

The Message Of The Flowers

September 27, 2003

I had been given some flowers in love, on a sad occasion. As I took them and placed them in a vase, I arranged them, and stood back to look at my handiwork. I stopped and thought of the message … (read more)

Preparing To Move To Our New Home

September 26, 2003

After twenty-nine years of living in the same area, my husband retired, and we decided to make a major move to be nearer to members of our family. For weeks, we sorted through our possessions, things that we'd kept because … (read more)

Getting In The Zone

September 25, 2003

In my little apartment, people might say that my cats rule. Millie, my grey tabby, and Lucky, my deaf white kitty, would agree that they do, though I think that they like to make me believe that I do. They … (read more)

Reign In Me!

September 24, 2003

I sat in the car listening to the sound on the roof. It was raining, and eventually my patience was rewarded, as the clouds wearied of their charge. I walked, and, after a while, a cold sensation touched my legs. … (read more)

Following Directions When We Can't See The Way

September 23, 2003

Back home, we would have been able to travel the distance in less than an hour, but we were in New Zealand, and the guide at the tourist bureau told us to plan on two or more hours to make … (read more)

In A Holding Pattern

September 22, 2003

While flying from the south, there was severe fog that held up the aircraft from approaching Atlanta, Georgia, one of the busiest terminals in the United States. After some time circling in the air, we began our approach. The only … (read more)

Feed My Sheep

September 21, 2003

A local Christian bookstore uses paper sacks for their merchandise, with the lettering Feed My Sheep on the side. Recently, while waiting in line to make a purchase, a friendly young man ahead of me commented on this logo. "There's … (read more)

Final Leg Of The Journey

September 20, 2003

For eleven years, my dog has been my walking companion. He has walked with enthusiasm, and has encouraged me to greet the out-of-doors faithfully. But recently I noticed a change. Ben began sleeping more, sprawling out on the deck, and … (read more)

Heart Surgery

September 19, 2003

A friend and I were having a cup of coffee together, in an attempt to get our day moving. I remarked that I had no energy, and was hoping that the caffeine would give me a boost to start the … (read more)

Oblivious And Faithful

September 18, 2003

The emergency weather siren rang loudly that night, just as the skies surrounding the campus of the University of West Alabama began to darken, and the winds began to rise. Immediately, Millie, my grey Tabby cat, tore for cover beneath … (read more)


September 17, 2003

My cousin in Alaska sent me an interesting picture a while back, and it started me thinking of obedience. In the picture, a baby moose was stuck, legs dangling through the ceiling, and chin resting on the roof of a … (read more)

Moving On!

September 16, 2003

I have been to visit my parents, to help them with the preparation for their move to a smaller house, to lighten their workload. I commend their willingness to face up to this chore as a necessary one, whilst it … (read more)

Consider The Lilies

September 15, 2003

A hobby of mine is growing day lilies. The modern day lily has come a long way since Matthew called it a lily of the field. It has become a hybrid, and has developed into a plant popular in the … (read more)

A Jolt In My Journey

September 14, 2003

Deciding to move to a church that is closer to our home was something that I struggled with for over a year. We felt that the distance we were travelling was too far, and gradually we positioned our minds in … (read more)

Directionally Challenged

September 13, 2003

I sometimes think I'm directionally challenged. I've been known to get lost in small towns, eventually discovering my destination, but having travelled several extra kilometres. Unlike me, my husband, Hugh, has a remarkable sense of direction. He tells me that … (read more)


September 12, 2003

Again this year it was my "job" to deliver my young granddaughter to her swimming lessons at the lake. And again it was the most entertaining part of my day! "Fish!!! I'm not getting into the water with no fish!" … (read more)


September 11, 2003

Recently, while driving home from church on a Sunday morning, we were enjoying the beautiful Muskoka countryside, the lush green under-foliage, the rock cliffs, and the stately pines. At one particular point along the route, we noticed that a stone … (read more)

A Walking Epiphany

September 10, 2003

In an effort to become a healthier person, I have begun an "almost" daily walking regimen. I am blessed to be living close to a coastline, and so I get to walk two to three miles along that beautiful spot … (read more)

I Believe In God

September 9, 2003

I received a phone call from my sister, aged 89, alone for a week at the family cottage. The beauty of her words inspired these thoughts. She said, "It is now night, and I am looking out at the lake. … (read more)

Always Loved

September 8, 2003

When I came to the Lord many years ago, I was amazed that He could love and cherish a woman like me. At first glance, I might have been mistaken for the best friend, or maybe a roommate, of the … (read more)

His Time Not Mine

September 7, 2003

I opened the e-mail from the president of our college with anxious emotions. I had been waiting for word from him concerning a plight I had launched concerning getting myself declared an in-state student. I had been living and working … (read more)

We Are All Valuable

September 6, 2003

My mother, June Heale, whose name many would recognize, suggested that I write a devotional. I responded, "I would not even know where to begin." I felt that I would have nothing of importance to write. I did not dismiss … (read more)


September 5, 2003

Before I went in to work the other day, I went for a walk up on top of the Cotswolds, near where I live. Being un-predisposed to walking up the hill in the first place, I drove to the car … (read more)

A Reflection

September 4, 2003

My friend lives in a tiny apartment. Her living and dining room walls are lined with mirrors to make the space seem larger. I find myself walking into a mirror, thinking I'm going into the room beyond, only to find … (read more)

Our Home Away From Home

September 3, 2003

Our home away from home was our tent. This tent was used for summer vacations and weekend escapes. As time passed, this tent took on many different forms. You might say it grew wheels, and eventually even a motor. As … (read more)

Faith In The Pilot

September 2, 2003

After the birth of our first child, I had a longing to share her with members of my family. However, my parents lived in the northwest, and the trip from the east coast wasn't financially possible at that time. The … (read more)

An Umbrella Of Protection

September 1, 2003

For some time now, wildfires have been raging in the interior of the province of British Columbia, Canada, as a record-breaking drought has permitted dry tinder to become fuel for the blazes. More than thirty thousand people have been evacuated … (read more)


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