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A Joyful Noise

May 31, 2003

A memory flashback takes me to the pre-school years of my life, when a friend, named Charles, and I were wild and free. From Saturday movies, we knew that the giant man who swung on vine ropes was Tarzan, and … (read more)

The Sly One

May 30, 2003

Early one morning, the barking of my neighbour's dog awakened me. I soon realized that the bark wasn't the one that Dessie used to welcome his owners when they returned home, or even the one that he used to warn … (read more)

Afraid Of Your Shadow?

May 29, 2003

Since childhood, I have always wanted to put off the moment when I must say goodbye to the day and climb into bed. As a result, I have come to rely on music to help me drift off. A short … (read more)

Rain On My Parade

May 28, 2003

My granddaughter was riding in the parade at the Honey Bee Festival. I had driven 40 miles to see her. On my arrival, the darkening skies forecast a thunderstorm. I made the decision to watch the parade, even as I … (read more)

Channels Of Peace

May 27, 2003

Two seemingly small incidents teamed together to direct my thoughts this week. The first incident happened earlier in the week, when over a hundred millimetres of rain (four inches) fell in less than a day. Basements became pools of water, … (read more)

It All Goes Back To Prayer

May 26, 2003

Just as prayer is an important part of our daily life, so, too, is it an important part of Daily's "life". In fact, it was prayer that put Daily on the Internet. Today marks seven years since Daily's inception, and … (read more)

Isn't God Good!

May 25, 2003

I took my car in for a lube and oil change, as it had reached the next stage on the little sticker that the service department had put on the car. It had been just over two months since it … (read more)

The Sweetness Of Unexpected Blossoms

May 24, 2003

I received a beautiful hyacinth this year for Valentine's Day. The purple blossoms came quickly, and gave me immense joy, whenever I caught a glimpse of them, or a waft of their perfume. But, as spring blooms do, the flowers, … (read more)

The Carpenter

May 23, 2003

While watching a team of carpenters working on a project at my home, I noticed one older gentleman working alongside a group of younger men. The men were putting in long days, and the work was physically demanding. After a … (read more)

Family Reunion

May 22, 2003

When our daughter was around three years of age, we went to the annual family reunion. I am sure that, to her, all were strangers, and she was a little shy of all the attention she was receiving, for we … (read more)

Everyday I'll Follow After Him

May 21, 2003

Last night the youth of our church led us all in the worship portion of our service, and they led us in the song, "Everyday". At one point in the song was the phrase, "Everyday, I'll follow after You". As … (read more)

Heaven's Road

May 20, 2003

"I don't remember going this way before," I remarked to my husband, who was busy piloting our small car down a twisty dirt road through the back woods of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. "Neither do I, but the sign … (read more)

Light Of The Morning

May 19, 2003

My husband and I had reservations at a campground in northern Georgia, highly recommended, but unseen by us. As we approached the mountains, rains began to fall. Soon we were in a thunderstorm. Campgrounds can be unfriendly in the rain, … (read more)

Who Picks Up After You?

May 18, 2003

Some people pick up after themselves — and some people leave things for others to pick up after them. Choosing not to single out age, gender, or any relationship to me, and because it seems to be a universal problem, … (read more)

Slow Down And Smell The Roses

May 17, 2003

While vacationing in New Zealand, I discovered that the local government had a way of bringing home a point, when it came to speeding. The signs posted along the side of the road read, "The Quick are the Dead", or … (read more)

Small But Vital

May 16, 2003

The entrance to our friend's large farming property was imposing, with its signboards pointing to the various farming activities: "Sheep", "Cattle", "Wheat", "Citrus", "Cotton", "Homestead". We were warmly welcomed, and, after settling in, were taken on a tour of inspection … (read more)

Round Rainbows

May 15, 2003

While ascending out of Honolulu Airport and flying over Diamondhead, I looked out the window, and, down below me, I saw a round rainbow! Yes, a completely round rainbow. How absolutely beautiful it was! Then I wondered, is this how … (read more)

Lesson From A Tree

May 14, 2003

Trees have always fascinated me, especially their ability to put roots into the tiniest scrap of soil, to cling to the edge of a cliff, or to wrap themselves around a large boulder. I've noticed that, when a seed finds … (read more)

Madison Street

May 13, 2003

After working for six hours, putting together the latest edition of The Bleckley County News, I got the call that my other "boss" had taken a job at the University of West Alabama. My first thought was, "Where in the … (read more)

Fork In The Road

May 12, 2003

Do you sometimes really have a problem making a decision? Sometimes we reach a fork in the road and wonder which way we should go. I travel north from Pittsburgh occasionally, through a little town called New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In … (read more)

The Old Church

May 11, 2003

A few years ago, I attended a family reunion held on Wood Island, a tiny island in the middle of the Bay of Fundy. Now abandoned, it was once a thriving fishing community, and it was here that my mother … (read more)

The Cross On The Shelf

May 10, 2003

Several years ago, I wrote a cheque to help fund a mission team going to Honduras. When they returned, the team leader, Joe, presented me with a small wooden cross from Honduras as a thank-you for the donation. I placed … (read more)

Running The Race

May 9, 2003

As I think back on family get-togethers, I was reminded of one time in particular. There were races for the children, and I especially recall watching our daughter, who was not really wishing to run the race. Her uncle stood … (read more)

Anywhere With Jesus

May 8, 2003

Nighttime can be scary to a small child. I remember the time I woke up around midnight, and, in the dim light shining in from the hospital corridor, I was able to read the "No Breakfast" sign on the foot … (read more)

God Makes It All Happen

May 7, 2003

Even Mother Teresa, in India, had heard of Michael Jordan, I am sure. Santa Claus had at the North Pole, and the space aliens did, because they came to get Michael in Space Jam. Sports stations, magazines, and more have … (read more)

Part Of The Circle

May 6, 2003

One does not have to have kids to know that the concept of sharing is a difficult one for young children to grasp. The words "mine" or "no" usually follow the suggestion to share something with a sibling or playmate. … (read more)

51 Weeks

May 5, 2003

As I was preparing to go on a mission trip to Honduras, I commented to my wife about how much it meant to me to go, because, for at least one week this year, I would be living the kind … (read more)

Spring Cleaning

May 4, 2003

Spring has been long-awaited in this area. According to the people who have lived in Cape Breton for years, this past winter has been one of the coldest and longest in their memory. But, in late March, things began to … (read more)

Bottled Water

May 3, 2003

Living in Livingston, Alabama, for the last year, I have learned a lot of lessons, life lessons, some easy to learn, and some, well, not so easy to take. For example, this town is a total "soda" town, and if … (read more)


May 2, 2003

On my key ring, apart from my keys, I have a large penknife with assorted blades, screwdrivers, an adjustable spanner, a torch, a pair of travel scissors, a pen, and another smaller penknife, which is also a pair of pliers. … (read more)

Put On The Whole Armour

May 1, 2003

Recently, a mother was listing all the gear she had to purchase for her son to play hockey. Her list of items included shoulder pads, shin guards, elbow pads, skates, a helmet, and, of course, a hockey stick. "Hockey is … (read more)


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