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Gramma School

September 30, 2002

Life itself is filled with constant learning. At the least-effort end of the scale, we learn something the minute we open our eyes in the morning: the time, the weather, the previous day's news. By law, we must attend school … (read more)


September 29, 2002

Exhortations to "commit" or "to be committed" appear frequently throughout the scriptures. But what do the words really mean? Too often, their meanings are casually interpreted as kinds of half-serious resolutions like people tend to make at New Year's, or … (read more)

Hurtful Words

September 28, 2002

My grandpa gave chocolate Easter bunnies to my brother and me. I gobbled mine as fast as I could swallow. My two-year-old brother, on the other hand, was still admiring his. Poke! "You don't want to eat broken bunny ears, … (read more)

Going Overboard

September 27, 2002

Has someone you love ever judged you with these words: "It's all right to be religious, but you have gone overboard"? During the past winter we had the opportunity to accompany friends on the boat they owned, travelling along the … (read more)

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

September 26, 2002

Once when the 747 aircraft on which I was a passenger was making its final approach to a busy airport, from my window seat I was idly watching the car traffic on a busy two-lane highway below. For some time … (read more)

How Is Your Lust Quotient?

September 25, 2002

We are constantly bombarded with images that are contrived to tempt us to think the unthinkable, and they are all around us day and night. It is inescapable. Do not be overcome; it is a part of being a physical … (read more)

God's Family

September 24, 2002

I work on a university campus, and September is always an interesting but hectic month. The students, fresh from summer vacations or jobs, populate the campus to study in their respective fields. There is a friendly rivalry between various types … (read more)

Song In The Night

September 23, 2002

When my daughter was little, she often had nightmares. She would wake up screaming in terror. I was always near when this happened, to hold her briefly in my arms, and to reassure her that everything was as it should … (read more)

Good, Better, Best

September 22, 2002

I was making do with my old plastic travel mug, even though it wasn't the least bit satisfactory. My coffee tasted funny and often it was cold. Finally, I treated myself to a stainless steel travel mug. I don't know … (read more)

The Needle That Points The Way

September 21, 2002

I used to lead a Cub pack, and one of the things we taught was how to use a compass for direction, so as not to get lost in unfamiliar territory. The magnetic force of the earth always moves the … (read more)

In God's Hand

September 20, 2002

Often, I am chided for my protection of little living things. Rather than squish them, throw them in the garbage, or flush them down the toilet, I pick them up, either in my hand or with a tissue, and take … (read more)

The Inner Eye

September 19, 2002

As Christians in today's society, we must develop a strong sensitivity to the creed of a Pharisee. Do we exhibit those traits in our lifestyle? Most of us, at some time or other, have viewed the world around us from … (read more)

Old Baldie

September 18, 2002

A place I often went in my youth is located in the Haliburton Highlands of central Ontario, Canada. "Old Baldie" was the name of a high and lofty place that looked out over at least six lakes. It was formed … (read more)

The Weeds In The Wheat

September 17, 2002

Having been raised in farm country, I grew up with a hatred of the thistles the farmers often found in their fields of wheat. Some time ago, I drove through a local park, which had been let grow naturally, instead … (read more)

Simply Unique

September 16, 2002

I have written fourteen cookbooks, but my favourite recipes are the still simplest ones, and I like to share them with my friends. The best peanut butter cookies are made with a cup of sugar, a cup of peanut butter, … (read more)

Butterfly Mysteries

September 15, 2002

Several years ago, we visited friends in the small cottage town of Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada. It was late summer, and most of the tourists had returned to work or school. The sandy beach stretched before us, and it seemed … (read more)

A Journey By Faith

September 14, 2002

I love to plan trips. Six months ahead, my husband and I start planning our vacation. We decide exactly where to go. Then, using our trip planner, we decide on the most desirable route. We can make reservations at the … (read more)

Building Fences Then Leaving Them Behind

September 13, 2002

The subject of fences was not always popular in our family. My husband was brought up on a fruit and vegetable farm where fences, in his opinion, were not necessary. When we moved into a subdivision early on in life, … (read more)

In God's Time

September 12, 2002

We have lived in our house for seventeen years. The second summer we were here (we moved at the very end of summer), a tree in the front yard did a strange thing. It blossomed with glorious pink flowers, and … (read more)

Hold Things Of The World More Loosely

September 11, 2002

At the annual gathering of a group in the past week, the talk got around to cars, pick-up trucks, and vans, and how important they are to our worldly way of life. I noticed that, of the seven or eight … (read more)

Thoughts On A Garbage Strike (2)

September 10, 2002

The garbage has always been there, only now, it was very visible. Night after night, television news displayed the mess. It sure wasn't pretty. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was in the midst of a garbage strike. Trash is hardly ever pretty. … (read more)

Thoughts On A Garbage Strike (1)

September 9, 2002

The recent strike of garbage collectors in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, resulted in mounds of trash piling up in areas where it should not be found. Trash disposed of on a regular basis makes life bearable. There is … (read more)

Living Alone

September 8, 2002

I never thought of myself as a person "living alone". I just happen to be living by myself for the first time in nearly three decades. But others saw my life differently and responded in wonderful and affirming ways. I … (read more)

Rainbow Over Niagara Falls

September 7, 2002

I stood looking at the Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, marvelling at the beauty, majesty, and control of the water. Tremendous amounts of water were pouring over the Falls, and yet it was safe for a cruise boat … (read more)

The Master's Garden

September 6, 2002

For the last two years, I've been the one to do the gardening. My husband had always done it in the past, but, because of work demands, he gave it over to me. Although I'm not nearly as good a … (read more)

Low Tide

September 5, 2002

New Brunswick, Canada, claims the highest tides in the world. Along the Bay of Fundy, the sea surges twice a day to heights of up to 16 metres (45 feet). At a glance, the shore seemed tranquil. Yet, as we … (read more)

Lesson In Faith

September 4, 2002

While on vacation recently, our family rented a cottage right on a lake. Imagine our surprise and pleasure when, one morning, we saw a mother merganser swimming along, trailed by ten little ones, all swimming in a line. We watched … (read more)

Nice To Walk In The Shadows

September 3, 2002

We have been having a heat wave this summer, and, while I am appreciative of the heat for those who love it, the heat and I are not the best of friends. My usual walking route is completely exposed, which … (read more)

The Majesty Of God

September 2, 2002

I was with a tour group riding the Polar Bear Express from Moosonee to Cochrane, Ontario, Canada. Night had fallen as the train moved through the darkness of the Arctic watershed. A full moon was visible over the outline of … (read more)

Sand Dunes

September 1, 2002

The northern coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada, has made a great impression on me. As we travelled across the province towards the coast, we passed through fields and farmland. We drove along crystal bays and entered forest that threatened … (read more)


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