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Teach A Child The Way

June 30, 2002

At the age of about 3, and in the sanctuary for the first time, my son jumped onto the pew when the minister "ascended" into the wall-hung pulpit and, waving his hand, called out, "Hi, Mr. God, I'm Kenny." He … (read more)

Forever The Same

June 29, 2002

As I walked around the block recently, it occurred to me, as someone who is closer to the end than the beginning of life, how I have changed my horizons. I have always prepared, planned ahead, and looked to the … (read more)

Tending The Friendship Garden

June 28, 2002

The Niagara Parks Commission Horticultural Garden complex is one of my most favourite places to visit. Recently, I went for a walk, and, as I walked the garden paths, I became keenly aware of the planning, mending, and tending that … (read more)

More Than Conquerors

June 27, 2002

Today at 5 p.m., a funeral service celebrating the remarkable life and ministry of 40 year-old Rev. Dr. Chris Vais will be held at Knox Presbyterian Church, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada. Chris was a very talented person, and, in the spring … (read more)

Let The Son Shine

June 26, 2002

I'm one of those people whose moods change with the weather. On a dull, grey day — and we've had a lot of those lately — I tend to feel a little down, listless, but the minute the sun comes … (read more)


June 25, 2002

Flyers… we find them in our mailboxes, nailed on utility poles, taped onto store windows, distributed by hand, and inserted into our weekly newspaper deliveries. They are eye-catching. They are printed on bright, dazzling, coloured paper and are decorated to … (read more)

This Ole House

June 24, 2002

Driving south from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, last summer, we came around a curve in the road, and I was startled by the view before me. There was a large hill, on top of which stood the skeleton of what … (read more)

Life Made New

June 23, 2002

After having spent several winter months in the southern United States, as spring fast approached, I watched as the trees once more became lush green, adding new life to what had grown dull. The time came for us to return … (read more)

No Mountain High Enough

June 22, 2002

Last summer, our family travelled across the country. I was concerned that it would be difficult for my children, then aged 3 and 6. I had visions of them crying, "I want to go home!" shortly after we departed. They … (read more)

Together As One?

June 21, 2002

I love my wife for all that she is. We are a team for the kingdom, for each other, and for the family needs. The trouble is that, because so many things crowd into my life, I often end up … (read more)


June 20, 2002

It was finally here! I had begun the first day of my week's holidays, leaving behind a hurried lifestyle. I was sitting on the beach in a very comfortable beach chair, watching the waves roll towards the shore. Hearing the … (read more)

This Is The Day

June 19, 2002

From my window I watched as nature created a beautiful pink and gold sponge painting against the background of the blue sky. Puddles of pink reflected in the lake below. I went to the window and listened; a duck's quack … (read more)

Another Pair Of Eyes

June 18, 2002

Part of my work as Submissions Editor for the Daily involves working with our writers to improve their submissions and ensure that they follow the "Writing Guidelines". One day, I had been working with two separate writers, and I suggested … (read more)

Singing Through The Pain

June 17, 2002

Have you ever wanted to bring comfort to someone you cared about, yet after listening to his or her situation, you were left with a feeling of helplessness? Recently that happened to me. The phone call was so upsetting. As … (read more)

My Father Remembered

June 16, 2002

As I turned the calendar page to June, I was reminded of Father's Day, and my thoughts turned to my own father and the many special moments we have shared. The memories prompted me to write a tribute to my … (read more)

Going Through The Motions

June 15, 2002

I rushed into my Sunday School class a few minutes late and rambled through the lesson because it was my duty to teach it. Starting late, the lesson was not finished on time, so it made us all late to … (read more)

A Tale Of Two Cities

June 14, 2002

Some years ago, the congregation I was serving gave my wife and me a trip to Israel, returning through Greece and Rome. One of the highlights of that trip was a visit to Athens, where I stood on the Areopagus, … (read more)

Walk With Me

June 13, 2002

On a Friday evening early in May, my husband and I attended an ordination and induction service at a local Presbyterian Church. It was a special occasion for everyone concerned, because a young woman, who grew up within the Presbyterian … (read more)

Ice Dogs

June 12, 2002

I have just finished watching a documentary on television called "Ice Dogs", where an Englishman, Benedict Allen, learned to steer a sledge with a pack of huskies. I was transfixed by his willingness to risk his own life, as well … (read more)

The Other Side Of Hope

June 11, 2002

Located on the Trans Canada Highway in British Columbia's Fraser Valley, about an hour and a half from Vancouver, is a little community called "Hope". The name is derived from the original "Fort Hope", so named by the Hudson's Bay … (read more)

New Life For A Fig Tree

June 10, 2002

Our fig tree started from a small sprout when our home was new. It grew with our yard, our children, and our lives. By the time the children were old enough to pick figs, the tree was an enormous size. … (read more)

I Don't Know About Tomorrow

June 9, 2002

On September 11th, 2001, the acts of a few individuals changed the way we in North America regard our world. In the weeks following this morbid desecration, terror lurked in the shadows of our thoughts, ready to pounce again when … (read more)

Strength in Numbers

June 8, 2002

People were silently taking their leave after participating in "The Stations of the Cross" on Good Friday. Ever so gently, the silence was broken by the soft harmony of "How Great Thou Art", coming from three young teenaged girls sitting … (read more)

Ear Problems

June 7, 2002

Our hound, Grace, had grungy ears. Smelly, dark, oily yuck coated the inner ear canals, even blocking them in some places, impairing her hearing and causing her great discomfort. Allergies seemed to be the culprit behind this phenomenon. According to … (read more)


June 6, 2002

Recently, I spent time in Rio Bravo, Mexico, working in a mercy ministry that builds small homes, casitas, for Mexican families. These homes are very small, only 12 feet by 16 feet. They are well-built with a concrete floor, concrete … (read more)

90 Minutes Free

June 5, 2002

A few weeks ago I received a "free gift" in the mail. I must admit that I felt very sceptical about the gift, and, in my usual fashion, I wondered what would be expected of me in return for accepting … (read more)

Down the Line

June 4, 2002

The fence around our daughter's yard had been going up nicely, but now there was a problem. The section we were working on would not line up properly. Though it was at ground level at the previous post, it was … (read more)

Angels 102

June 3, 2002

My brother, my mother, my husband and I drove up together to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on the Queen Elizabeth Way, to have a little celebration in a restaurant with my two daughters and son-in-law in a downtown restaurant. The heavy … (read more)

The True Light

June 2, 2002

My grandchildren insist on nightlights in their room at night to protect them from the dark. Many terrible nightmares have been prevented by the soft glow of these little lights. On awakening, the child is bathed in the gentle embrace … (read more)

The Secret

June 1, 2002

Have you ever thought about the fact that flowers have no choice whatsoever as to where they are planted? Bulbs tend to be planted by gardeners. Some seeds are planted, but many are scattered. Some are picked up by the … (read more)


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