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Learning How To Walk

August 31, 1999

I'll never forget the first steps of my daughter. She had already learned to press her hands on our small coffee table and scoot around. Now she was seeking to walk on her own. I held out my hands, "C'mon, … (read more)

Spiritual Wisdom Teeth

August 30, 1999

Every morning, I floss between my teeth, rinse and then brush my teeth. I brush them very vigorously and also massage my gums at the same time. I go through this routine faithfully every day. If I didn't go through … (read more)

On Eagles' Wings

August 29, 1999

Living in Northern Ontario, I had occasion about a week ago, to travel even further north to a meeting. The day was warm, sometimes overcast, sometimes brilliantly sunny. Since I was not driving, I was in the passenger side of … (read more)

Designated Hitter

August 28, 1999

I remember as a young child asking my dad why there were designated hitters in the game of baseball. Why was it that normally pitchers do not bat, but must have a designated hitter to take their place in the … (read more)

Heavenly E-Mail

August 27, 1999

I was part of a planning committee for our family reunion. This committee had been meeting for several months, discussing, planning, delegating and even setting up various committees to make sure that the event would be a success. The day … (read more)

Optimism And The Pony

August 26, 1999

Have you ever been around or spent time with someone who seems to find the bad side to everything? It seems that no matter what comes their way, they manage to find something negative to complain about. They blind themselves … (read more)

Passing It On

August 25, 1999

One of the surest signs that we are growing older, or growing up, as my father would say, appears when we start sounding like our parents. We find ourselves not only making the same points that they made to us, … (read more)

Finding Feathers

August 24, 1999

For some time now, I have been collecting feathers as I find them while walking. They are not in abundance. Days, sometimes weeks, will go by without seeing a single feather. I have quite a little collection: a seemingly perfectly-formed … (read more)

Follow The Rules

August 23, 1999

I am a reluctant driver, but recently God has helped me venture out in our car a little more. I play Christian music to encourage me. As I gain confidence, I take the car for longer drives. But sometimes I … (read more)

Team Member

August 22, 1999

When one joins the armed forces here in the United States, one must go through boot camp. I went through the navy's boot camp to prepare for my service. Upon our arrival, we had our heads shaved, and we all … (read more)

Seagulls On A Log

August 21, 1999

I've not counted the number of times nor the hours I've spent crossing the water from Vancouver Island to the mainland, but the scenery and experience are never the same. Recently, aboard the 6:30 a.m. ferry, I hunkered down with … (read more)

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

August 20, 1999

With a new baby due to arrive in September, my daughter and her husband are trying to accustom my granddaughter to sleeping in her own room and in her own bed. Unfortunately for them, one night, just after the little … (read more)

What About Tomorrow?

August 19, 1999

As a parent, it is easy to worry about our children. I worry about my son when he goes to day-care. Will he be safe there? I worry about the bad things which happen in the world, and whether I … (read more)

Expectation: Good Or Bad?

August 18, 1999

How many of us have had this experience? You walk into the kitchen and see a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, dishes that someone else is supposed to have washed long before. The sight of the mess is … (read more)

An Oasis Of Silence

August 17, 1999

Sound and noise engulf our lives. It is with us from the rude awakening of the alarm clock in the morning, and does not leave us until the radio stops playing soothing "good night" music. It is constant in our … (read more)

When The Seed Has Grown

August 16, 1999

During a recent visit to India and Nepal, the words of today's scripture came to me on several occasions. I was reminded of how early missionaries like Dr. John Buchanan shared the good news of Jesus Christ with the Bhil … (read more)

Quick To Eat, Slow To Thank

August 15, 1999

My husband out of town, homework finished and house cleaned for Bible study the next morning, my children and I decided to eat supper out. It was later than we usually ate supper, so we were very hungry. As soon … (read more)

I Was There

August 14, 1999

In the mid-1980's I enjoyed the group U2. I enjoyed their music and some of their lyrics. One song that I enjoyed a great deal was called "When Love Comes To Town". I liked this song because the group did … (read more)

I Lost Something I Thought Was Important

August 13, 1999

A few days ago I was writing on the computer with feedback to a devotional. I expanded my writing and decided it would stand as a devotional on its own. I even gave it a title. When I finished, I … (read more)

Be Careful Of Pedestals

August 12, 1999

We are often tempted, when receiving a treasure, or handling old family heirlooms, to put them up high, lest they be touched by little hands and be broken. Many times the reason behind placing things higher is for greater viewing, … (read more)


August 11, 1999

Have you ever watched a magpie chase a gopher? The other day I happened upon such a scene. I never thought of magpies as birds of prey, but I could see that this bird intended to have lunch soon. As … (read more)

Don't Just Do Something, Stand There

August 10, 1999

Recently my wife and I took a much-needed vacation to the beach. I love going to the beach because it is such a wonderful place to relax and enjoy all of God's creation. One day during the vacation, I found … (read more)

A Spacious Place

August 9, 1999

I like now and then to go to visit one of the old Anglo-Irish stately homes — a big house with spacious walled-in parkland. There's a sense of ease and contentment just walking about admiring the scenery, wondering at the … (read more)

Self Examination

August 8, 1999

Our church is a liturgical church, which means that our congregation follows an outlined service in a Book of Worship. We always say the "Lord's Prayer" at one point or another, and it seems that on this one particular Sunday, … (read more)

Wearing A Hat

August 7, 1999

In Ephesians 6:11 we are told: "Put on the full armour of God." This is for our own protection. As Christians, we do have to battle against Satan. To be able to withstand his attacks we must depend on God's … (read more)

The Invitation

August 6, 1999

"Have you ever had the awful feeling that you have forgotten something important? Did I forget to invite you to the barbecue?" I answered "Yes" to both questions posed by a friend earlier this week. My friend was so busy … (read more)

Why Me Lord?

August 5, 1999

With the recent illness in my life I have found myself caught up in what I call the "Why Me Syndrome". It seems so natural when things are not going our way to start asking those "Why Me?" questions, or … (read more)

A Way Out

August 4, 1999

We are having a concrete driveway, sidewalk, and patio poured. I wonder, "How will we come and go from our home while this work takes place?" We cannot walk on wet cement! We will still have access to our front … (read more)

In Jesus' Name

August 3, 1999

For over four years, my granddaughter, Jessica, now age 8, has been living with me. This summer I have dismissed my pottery and painting classes to care for her and two other granddaughters near her age. It is to be … (read more)

His Grace Is Sufficient!

August 2, 1999

What a wonderful passage of scripture for all believers to be reminded of on a daily basis! This has been one of my mother's favourite scriptures through many tough times — most recently her battle with breast cancer. She has … (read more)

Staying On The Straight And Narrow

August 1, 1999

In Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, three people were killed in motor vehicle accidents recently, all within a period of three days. A young woman from Toronto hit a tree, a 74-year-old man from Holland, New York, collided with a tour … (read more)


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